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    Open Grandfalls Royalty Head girl coaches Grandfalls Royalty needs girls coaches I believe all positions but especially Head VB and Bb Very well paid 15,700 above base plus stipend and bonuses Click link for details
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    Grandfalls-Royalty coaching positions

    Still have openings as well as HFC
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    Grandfalls- Royalty Head Volleyball Coach

    I believe they are still looking if anyone is interested
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    The Follett and Grandfalls matchup?

    One hell of a game.Both teams left it all on the field.Follet had a darn good team all around and Dakota Woods was one tough kid. HOW BOUT THEM COWBOYS!!!!!!
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    Prayers for Coach Ethridge

    Prayers sent your way sir
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    Time Is Now Eagles

    How did that work out for you lol