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    Benavides ISD Considering 6man

    Congratulations! Welcome to six-man football.
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    Open Mclean looking for Week 2

    McLean is willing to meet at neutral Location.
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    Open Mclean looking for Week 2

    Mclean Just had a team back out. Looking for a week 2 game. Would like a home game.
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    Open Mclean is looking for JV game.

    Mclean is Looking for a JV game Oct. 19. It must be home because we have a home Jr. high game. Coach Donnell contact me . 432-249-0002
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    Open 2nd scrimmage

    Mclean 2nd scrimmage. If you are interested in attending our scrimmage in Mclean let me know. We are planning to have a JV division. Our practice field will be in use as well. Thanks Coach Donnell
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    Open Cherokee Looking for a Week 2 game

    Coach let's talk about meeting somewhere. We have a JV game that week but might be interested in playing a varsity game if we can find a field. Looks like Around Abeline would be halfway. Text me if interested. Coach Donnell McLean Tigers 432-249-0002
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    Filled week 3 has been filled, still looking for week 2

    No sir it's probably closer to go to Nebraska lol Thanks for replying
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    Open 2023 JV football games

    I know its early. Mclean is looking to fill a JV football schedule. September 14th & September 21st
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    Filled week 3 has been filled, still looking for week 2

    McLean is Still looking for a week 2 game.
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    Open Game needed- week 2- Sept. 1st Also wk 3 Sept. 8th, 2023

    Week 3 has been filled. Still looking for week 2.