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  1. Coach Wade

    Open Abilene Christian - Second Scrimmage and MS Games

    Abilene Christian is hosting a second scrimmage (Thursday, Aug. 17) and looking to add a third team. We are also looking for the following MS games: -Aug 24 (willing to treat as a controlled scrimmage) -Nov. 2
  2. Coach Wade

    Open Abilene Christian - 2nd Scrimmage and MS Games Needed

    Abilene Christian (TAPPS Div II) is looking for the following games for the '23 season: Varsity -2nd Scrimmage (looking for a third team and/or fourth) -Week 3 (Sept. 8) Middle School -Aug. 24 -Oct. 26 -Nov. 2 We are willing to travel within reason. We are also in...
  3. Coach Wade

    Abilene Christian Looking for MS games

    Abilene Christian is looking for middle school games on the following dates: Sept. 30 Oct. 7 Oct. 14 Oct. 21 Please contact head coach Daren Miller at or 817.312.7921 to discuss.