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    field goal in a sixman game

    Haven't seen an actual field goal since back in 04 or 05 when a boy from i believe Throckmorton kicked it. I did see a drop kick in a JV game between i believe Paducah and Mclean back around the same time. Only one I've ever seen go in.
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    The Best Six-Man Rivalries

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    Best Passer in Six-Man?

    Coach Burkhart are you talking about Darius Kimberling at Happy?
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    classiest fans/football program

    Valley gets my vote. In my playing days, even if you upset them on the field, you still got a pat on the back from the other teams parents.
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    Throck vs. MC!

    haven't seen them yet but i have heard the Paducah boys are playing some ball. As for MC and Throck I'd say throck by 20 at least.
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    District 2

    I apologize i meant spur
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    Week 0 Upsets

    Paducah D1 #25 over Newcastle D2#5. Spread was 41 points in Newcastles favor and Paducah won by 6
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    District 2

    1. Valley 2. Petersburg 3. Paducah 4. Crowell 5. Kress
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    Can-Am Bowl

    Congrats to Coach Bear Chesley on the 3peat. Also to Coach Kit Chambers and the Rest of the team on the win.
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    How would this action be interpreted by officials in TX?

    I think the call was trash in my opinion. The kid literally raised his hand for 2 seconds. I can see it being called if it was one that was applied to an extra point or kickoff but taking away a teams title for it is just not fair.
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    Cut-Block on Extra Point

    I've had that called many times. A lot of officials (if unexperienced) let it go so often that the rule gets overlooked but yes it is. Its considered a Special Teams play so you cannot block below the waist.
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    2012 Can-Am Bowl NEEDS . . .

    Bear, You've got two good boys in John Osbourne, and Jordan Trimble. Bringing back a Piece of CanAm 2010 with little brother Trimble.
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    4-2 defense

    I know in the 2009 season against us Coach Reed at Throckmorton ran the hell out of it against us. He'd be the man to talk to in my opinion
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    Who is the best player in 6 man right now?

    I would also like to put Cherry's name in the list. He isa good young player who is already an awesome leader. He'll be an amazing player next year.
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    Playoff picture for division 2

    I agree 100% with Backer
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    Week 8

    Won't do a breakdown for the NS game because Crowell is gonna win by 30 - 45+. but for the Paducah Crowel game Paducah 1-6 D1 #32- 1. L to Ropes(D1 #15) by 25. 2. L to Petersburg (D1 #7) by 50 3. L to Garden City (D1 # 11) by 50 4. L to Motley County(D2 #4) by 46 5. L to Valley (D1 #2) by 50...
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    Who will win district

    The only even slight ? is this game of Paducah vs Chilcothe. Paducah 1-6 D1 #32- 1. L to Ropes(D1 #15) by 25. 2. L to Petersburg (D1 #7) by 50 3. L to Garden City (D1 # 11) by 50 4. L to Motley County(D2 #4) by 46 5. L to Valley (D1 #2) by 50 6. L to Follet (D1 # 14) by 46 7. W over Anton (...
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    Playoff picture for division 2

    Have seen both Motley and SC play and have to give it to SC. Watched the matchup last year as well as both games the teams played against GC. SC isn't 30 points better but in that matchup i give it to SC by 10 and for State. RS vs SC with RS by 34
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    Fajita Pete's Frito Pie Week7 spreads

    Anton over Paducah by 53?
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    New to Sixman

    Nice to see Rotan and Naz drop down.