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  1. Tom Duncan

    New six-man coach looking for info

    You are welcome!
  2. Tom Duncan

    New six-man coach looking for info

    I copied this from another thread for a post I made. Brent Goleman formerly from Bastrop Tribe perfected the O'Brien Wing offense winning many State Championships. The key for the O'Brien Wing is the lead snap and the Quarterback quickly getting his eyes on the Fullback. The blocking is the...
  3. Tom Duncan

    O'Brien Veer

    Per a request, I added some defensive files from HUDL to the link.
  4. Tom Duncan

    School Choice and Funding

    Idaho just passed a bill that provides funding for school choice. Here is a link to the news: Idaho School Choice Parents may use the funds to send their children to Private Schools, including Catholic or Christian schools. I taught school in Australia at a Private School in the late 90s and...
  5. Tom Duncan

    O'Brien Veer

    Our Junior High A team ran this offense very effectively. Our B Team did not have a consistent center and we ran the same plays by moving our QB under the center, closing our splits down a little and moved the RB up a little. It basically became very similar to the wedge formation that Gordon...
  6. Tom Duncan

    O'Brien Veer

    Coach Golemon from the last video in the folder is now at Grace Academy in Georgetown, TX, his new email is He is more than willing to discuss implementing this offense via phone.
  7. Tom Duncan

    Coaching Carousel 2022-2023

    Brent Goleman from Bastrop Tribe has accepted the job at Grace Academy in Georgetown. He will be starting a new high school program for them. They have been playing flag football in middle school.
  8. Tom Duncan

    Coaching Carousel 2022-2023

    The Meadow job has been filled.
  9. Tom Duncan

    Thoughts on this?

    My nephew is a Senior running back at Heath. My brother in law, says that the coach did nothing wrong and from his perspective, the kids were out of shape. That may have some merit since it happened just after the Christmas break. I am certain that the 300 push up routine on a Friday in...
  10. Tom Duncan

    O'Brien Veer

    approved access
  11. Tom Duncan

    O'Brien Veer

    The key is the lead snap and the Quarterback quickly getting his eyes on the Fullback. The blocking is the same as the old Wing T Sweep from 11 man with two pulling guards and play side linemen blocking down. The two guards are the Fullback and Quarterback. The QB has to read the block of the...
  12. Tom Duncan

    O'Brien Veer

    No he runs a version of the Obrien Wing, not the Obrien Veer.
  13. Tom Duncan

    8-Man - Lets Revisit This Topic Again Because...Why Not

    Very reasonable and needed. We are 2A and turned in 115 last year. We are now down to 102 students now competing against schools that can have 2.5 times the students. We only have 20 boys in athletics and barely finished the season with 15 boys on the roster playing outlaw Sixman. I believe that...
  14. Tom Duncan

    Lopsided Districts

    The UIL creates districts based on geography. Schools may petition adjacent districts to change districts. However, that normally creates odd numbers in both districts making scheduling late in the year a challenge with open dates.
  15. Tom Duncan


    Coach Brent Goleman at Bastrop Tribe has his Q (QB) in motion on every snap for one step lateral to the LOS in order to receive a lead snap.
  16. Tom Duncan

    Who do y'all have? Oakwood vs Bluff Dale

    Text scores with the time and quarter to the live score board (940) 412-1412
  17. Tom Duncan

    8-Man - Lets Revisit This Topic Again Because...Why Not

    This year our Junior High was required to play eleven man games with only 15 players by a decision made last year by our school board. We had to play six man games to have a full schedule. We were competitive in the eleven man games and won most of our six man games. During the six man part of...
  18. Tom Duncan

    Alternatives to HUDL

    I love using HUDL Assist!
  19. Tom Duncan

    Best team to never win state?

    Covington in 1995 with CW Williams as the Coach. Blue Willis was the spread back who went to state in the 200 meters and was an all state pitcher, CW's youngest son Noah (who is now coaching in Zephyr as an assistant) was 6'3" 225 lbs at right end, Ricky Hodges 6'3" 185 lbs at left end, Charlie...
  20. Tom Duncan

    Fort Worth THESA is Looking for a Neutral Venue to Play a Wk13 Playoff Game

    Mexia, Abbott, Blum, Parkview Christian or Keene