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    The Rematch Benjamin vs. Loraine DII State Championship

    Me either! Maybe you'll be right this time! 😂
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    Loraine Vs Benjamin (Rematch)

    Not from anywhere near San Saba. Never even been there. My post didn't need fixed. It was right just the way it was. Thanks for trying.
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    Six Man Football on The Maven Report

    Di this podcast get cancelled? With 20k views in just a few weeks I'd expect it to be on espn by now but the website doesn't show anything about it.
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    State championship future

    People saying cancel the split because the state games were 45 are stupid. Even without the split this year's game would still be a 45. The game would still be Westbrook or Benjamin vs Abbott or Loraine. No matter what its still a 45.
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    Nobody wants to talk about it???

    This guy-too many people talk trash on this site 😭 Also this guy-my brother is better than all you 5'1, unathletic, never played sports in his life super fan's kids 💪
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    Loraine Vs Benjamin (Rematch)

    Benjamin won state? Woowoo! Congrats to all the Benjamin community on your first state championship! Congrats to Loraine on being there. Nice season but yall got outpayed.
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    Why'd them Westbrook boys dye their hair anyways? Won't be able to see it under the helmets. Curious too what color they used. Blue I guess?
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    Semi finals Loraine vs Oakwood

    Yes you are right. The kids who are from Benjamin are good. Better than average. They would have made a deep playoff run without the new kids. They wouldn't have won state though. They wouldn't have been there. They wouldn't have beat Loraine the first time and they wouldn't have beat...
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    Semi finals Loraine vs Oakwood

    Those aren't answers. That's you refusing to answer the questions because the right answers don't fit your narrative. I don't think you guys are that stupid. You just look like it because you won't admit those two kids coming is why y'all will win the championship. Like I said I'm not against...
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    Semi finals Loraine vs Oakwood

    So don't answer the questions. Just insult me. That definitely gets your point across. I'll ask again in case you can't figure out how to go back. I know this might be hard for you. 1. Would Benjamin have won state last year if they had Rigdon and Hayes? 2. Would they win this year if they...
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    Semi finals Loraine vs Oakwood

    Let's put. It this way ANY team that is already good that adds the Rigdon kid and the Hayes kid would win state.
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    Semi finals Loraine vs Oakwood

    You can't say we and last year in the same sentence. Everyone knows you weren't in Benjamin last year. Rigdon or Hayes? You saying Benjamin wouldn't have won state last year if the Rigdon kid was there? Chances are they would have without a doubt and they definitely would have if they had the...
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    Benjamin vs Whitharral

    Nobody is saying they recruited. Only that they bought themselves a championship. Only one of the coaches at Benjamin "MIGHT" be there if they didn't have their kids with them. The other probably not and everyone knows it. Also Benjamin wouldn't win state without those kids. I'm sorry but it's...
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    Happy vs Westbrook

    I got this way wrong. My bad. Congrats Happy on a good game.
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    Whitharral vs Benjamin

    Benjamin by 45+
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    Happy vs Westbrook

    Just like the Rigdons in D2. Go teams!
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    Who will shock the world

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    Who will shock the world

    Yeah look at the rankings. Benjamin by only 14? That's a joke!