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    Semi round picks

    SC by 12 May by 22 Balmorhea by 24 Strawn by 10
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    Balmorhea moves on, Motley dribbles the b-ball home

    What a game tonight. This game was a lot closer than most anticipated (especially me). Motley was able to expose a lot of weaknesses for the bears, especially for the bears offense. But “that team with a bunch of short Mexicans” CAN PLAY! (This is Verbatim from some Motley fans in their game...
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    Quarterfinal picks

    DI Borden County by 24 Sterling City by 18 Union Hill by 24 May by 28 DII Groom by 16 Balmorhea by 45 Strawn by 16 Richland Springs by 14
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    Balmorhea’s dominance in D2

    Balmorhea has yet to win a state championship. Jones was able to do it at 2 other schools. He has a great shot at making that 3 schools this year.
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    Balmorhea’s dominance in D2

    After tonight’s 90-46 win over #2 ranked Jayton, is it too soon to say that there’s not a team in D2 who can actually give the bears a game? They head into the quarter-finals where they will likely meet Motley County. Having already been beat by Jayton in district, can they even play a full game...
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    Is Balmorhea the most over-rated team of the year>

    Is Balmorhea the most over-rated team of the year? I don't mean to be subjective, but I have to get some thoughts off my chest. Just last week, they were 40+ favorites over Rankin and they get demolished. I actually created a thread and had favored them myself. I was able to watch them when they...
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    #1 Balmorhea vs #4 Rankin

    I have to say, after being there last night, what a game by Rankin! I had Balmorhea by 30+ and boy was I wrong. Balmorhea came out slow and rankin came out fast. Rankin’s 5-1 man/blitz defense proved to be to much for the bears offense last night. This shakes up the playoff bracket a bit as...
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    #1 Balmorhea vs #4 Rankin

    Thoughts on this game? Looks like it is set to be one of the best games coming into this week. Balmorhea is undefeated while Rankin is a one loss team (only loss is to Sterling City). The Bears have had Rankins # over the past few years, are the Red Devils finally going to step out of the Bears...
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    Balmorhea vs Valley

    Just a little thoughts on this statement.. the game began to get close after two Balmorhea injurys.. they would have 45'd valley had those two not have gotten hurt. As for you talking about " one blithering idiot", if you were at the game, you probably noticed that valley had two "blithering...
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    Balmorhea vs Valley

    I like the confidence! It is good to pep up your boys on this forum, but in the end we all know what the end result will be. Valley is to slow, & will be outplayed and out coached. Balmorhea will be running down their throats all night just like last year. Valley won't be able to run the ball...
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    Balmorhea vs Valley

    I say let them enjoy it while they can. All roads end at Balmorhea. Balmorhea will win by 30+, maybe even by the mercy rule. Sorry Valley, maybe next year. Balmorhea is THAT GOOD. They then go on to win state by 20+. Quote me in a few weeks.
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    Defense Wins Championships

    Just so everyone knows, MilfordInsider is J. McIntyre who is #3 on their football team. I know this for a fact. I also know that several other Milford fans on here are on the team as well. Just putting this out there so everyone knows that they are the ones hyping themselves up. Props to them...
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    Week 5 Big Game: Are they for real?

    Richland springs in the 2nd round... Again. Lol
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    Milford Bulldogs

    When it's all said and done,Milford will not make it passed the 2nd round. You guys will boast,brag and cry all year until Richland runs over Milford yet AGAIN. Lol.. then we will hear the pitty talk AGAIN "Oh we had them. We gave them a good game, we just let it slip, we can still be proud...
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    Milford Bulldogs

    I just have to say it, because I know everyone who isn't from Milford is thinking the same thing. Milford cheerleaders will brag all season, thinking they are the greatest, and get stepped on by Richland. They are good against teams that are average but not great. Richland with Tippy (this year)...
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    Need JV games

    I just checked, and it looks like Balmorhea has week 9 and week 2 open for their JV. I know they are also looking to fill in slots for their varsity schedule. It's not a far drive at all from WV! Good luck!
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    1st Day Numbers

    Balmorhea had 32, expecting a few more before school starts.
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    Milford Bulldogs next year

    These Milford parents/loud mouth players will only keep talking until they get knocked out in the 2nd round AGAIN. Everyone should just let them live in their own little worlds, they will die down just like they did this year. Balmorhea/Rs at state again. Milford.. well they will be watching it...
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    Milford Bulldogs next year

    Looks to me like these Milford cheerleaders are made up of players and parents that like to talk a lot just like they did when they lost in the game against Richland. I can bet my paycheck that they will lose to Richland AGAIN. Just keep letting these guys talk, seems to be what they are good...
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    Milford Bulldogs next year

    I agree with you when you say no excuses and to man up. Balmorhea made it to state, Milford didn't. Regardless of what happened, Balmorhea made it to state and played Richland. Milford didn't. Balmorhea will end up doing it again, Milford won't. End of discussion.