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    District Lists

    EPJC and AHC are suppose to fielding teams this season.
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    Wichita Christian welcomes new AD/Football Coach

    Wichita Christian welcomes new AD/Varsity Football Coach, Josh Johnson. Coach Johnson was the AD at Heath Fulton for 4 seasons during some of their most successful seasons. We are glad to have him and glad to have the 6-man experience and success added to a Wichita Christian program that is...
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    Dave Campbells

    Anything from Dave Campbell's catch your attention or affect your predictions? Canyon Creek says they started 4 freshmen. I wasn't aware of that.
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    Gorman Needs Varsity games

    Are we possibly looking at another Throckmorton here? Good luck this season.
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    Games needed

    Are you still looking for a week one game? Wichita Christian needs a game because the school we had scheduled dropped.
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    TAPPS Point System

    Wichita Christian is currently looking for a week one opponent because a team dropped...regardless of point value.
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    Teams on the Fence for 2015

    Do we have any schools on the fence for fielding a team this season? Curious, but also looking for a week one game after Benjamin said they wouldn't be fielding one. We are watching for other week one teams that might get left at the alter. I know there are some JVs out there, but that would...
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    Phoenix varsity Needs Week 1,3,6,8. JH needs 3,4,6,7,8,9,10

    Where is Phoenix? Do you have week 1 filled yet?
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    Head Job

    We at Wichita Christian played Throckmorton in JH last year and defeated them 32-6 with a running clock. Their kids were as skilled as always, but there was only a couple of kids that were in 7th or 8th was mostly 6th graders. So, they do have a small hole about to come thru.
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    Lets Get Started

    If you are referring to my statement about Granbury, I don't mean anything about that in the illegal sense. I mean they are a boarding school that pulls from more than the 30 mile radius normal schools pull from, they have top notch facilities, good coaching, and a strong, especially recent...
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    Lets Get Started

    1) Heritage Christian- Remains the team to beat until someone proves otherwise 2) Seguin Lifegate- Would probably win any other district. 3) Granbury NCTA- Continuously hear they were a one-man team, but well coached and a recruiting monster. 4) Longview Trinity- Losing the top QB, but...
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    That's good news.
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    Game Site near Midland

    Meeting a team "in the middle" for a game on a Saturday. We prefer to play on a sixman field. What are the options near Midland?
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    2014 Top 5

    Time will tell.
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    2014 Top 5

    I'm not sure how you counter a comment reference of a player having 3 personal fouls in a game and say that's just playing hard, but okay.
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    Teams that will struggle next year

    Well, again I said last year, so the coach's son obviously wasn't there yet. And, the hole in the group would be the current freshman class. Wichita Christian beat them 32-6 with a running clock and 6-minute quarters. Three starters were said to be sixth graders. To me, that's a hole.
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    2014 Top 5

    Wichita Christian v Notre Dame WC's strength isn't just Brooks. It's the 1-2 punch of Brooks and Baker. Brooks led the team in rushing, receiving, TDs, tackles, and led the entire area (6man & 11man) with 10 fumble recoveries. But, Baker wasn't far behind in those categories. They didn't find...
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    2015 predictions

    District 1 is supposed to get El Paso back. Amarillo says they will let everyone know after Christmas break, but that doesn't sound promising. I think both Wichita Christian and Notre Dame are only losing one senior and will both be returning all of their key skill position players. Depending on...
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    Teams that will struggle next year

    Throckmorton has a hole in their numbers and talent about come through. Their JH last season was very young without any major contributors in 7th or 8th grade...mostly 6th graders.