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    Temple Holy Trinity 68 Round Rock Christian 20
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    playoff brackets

    Game will be at Blanket ISD Tiger Stadium, 4 p.m. Saturday. Yes, neutral site, but a lot closer to Temple than Plainview!
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    2017 -- PLAYOFF SITES NOV 16-18

    Word from our Coach is... TAPPS Division II Plainview Christian vs. Temple Holy Trinity Catholic 4 p.m. Saturday Blanket ISD
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    Tapps D2 Games

    We had a couple of players out--one of our key defensive guys was out. I'm proud of our guys. It was 28-0 at half, so the second half was actually 22-22. Not necessarily a moral victory, but good showing for a non-district game.
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    2017 -- Week 5 -- VARSITY FINALS ONLY

    Temple Holy Trinity 59, Weatherford Christian 38
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    2017 -- Week 4 -- VARSITY FINALS ONLY

    Waco Vanguard 75, Temple Holy Trinity 42.
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    2017 -- Week 2 -- VARSITY FINALS ONLY

    Temple Holy Trinity 38, Buckholts 22.
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    2017 -- Week 1 -- VARSITY FINALS ONLY

    Temple Holy Trinity 58, Round Rock Christian 12 1:25 left in the third
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    Varsity FINALS ONLY -- week 10 -- 2016

    Longview Christian Heritage 50, Greenville Christian 0 from TAPPSTER Scoreboard
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    Varsity FINALS ONLY -- week 10 -- 2016

    Waco Live Oak 58, Granbury North Central Texas Academy 34 via MaxPreps
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    Varsity FINALS ONLY -- week 4 -- 2016

    Apple Springs 52, Orange Community Christian 0 via MaxPreps
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    Varsity FINALS ONLY -- week 2 -- 2016

    Temple Holy Trinity 71, Buckholts 26 Touchdown scored on last play of third quarter to end it.
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    Temple Holy Trinity 60, Prairie Lea 12 over in the fourth. First win for the Celtics this year.
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    Holy Trinity going back to Six-Man

    The Holy Trinity Catholic Celtics from Temple are headed back to the six-man field. Two seasons at 11-man--records 5-5 and 3-7. We ended this season with 15 suited up. Would have been a good roster for six, but for 11 it was hard! We have been placed in TAPPS Division 2, District 2.
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    Craziest game you have attended.

    Last year's game between Holy Trinity and Summit Christian, 60-55 Summit. Great back and forth battle. The weird part was it was unusually cold in that we didn't expect it to be cold at all. Our Iphones were telling us it was 70, but there was no way. It was cold and damp. The BBQ pit had...
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    This is an old topic but...10 Greatest Texas 6man Games?

    Probably not on anyone's top 10, but I thought I'd mention it anyway. Holy Trinity's first ever game in school history was a 39-37 victory over Seguin Lifegate. Holy Trinity scored the game-winning touchdown on the last play of the game. Though it's likely not a top 10, I'd have to bet few...
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    Top 30 teams after week3

    Well Fajita Pete, my favorite school isn't in the top 30, but I like your picks. Rankings are fun, but they don't make a hill of beans in the end. Thankfully, we don't have to be one of the top two ranked teams after the regular season to be champion (NCAA FBS). I view the rankings as great...
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    Throckmorton vs Dallas Covenant pick

    As a private school, I'd love to see Covenant win, but I think it will be Throck. Less than 45 though. I'll say Throck 60 to 30.