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    Jonesboro & Irion County

    How much time in the game? Never mind I see the game is over.
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    Jonesboro & Irion County

    What team did he play for?
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    Open Santa Anna JV and JH need game for week 3.

    We are looking for a JH and or a JV game on September 8th. We would prefer to play at home if possible.
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    Missing schedules

    Santa Anna
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    Toughest Region

    Well if you bring in the right students you don't have to move up.
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    8 man??

    All adding 8-Man would do is cut the 6-man numbers in half. I just don't see it ever coming back to Texas.
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    If there was no division split...

    When the split first happened I was completely against it. But as the number of schools playing sixman football keeps moving up I have come to understand the need for it. This is like saying all 2A and 3A schools should be put together. Just because both play the same type of football dosen't...
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    1A D1 D13 Region 4 Update

    Santa Anna will play Panther Creek. The game was Back and forth on being cancelled but as it is Santa Anna's Homecoming game PC will play the game.
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    Open Teams.

    I had to smile when I saw Novice was OPEN. lol
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    Give credit where it's due.

    Well done Mike!
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    Santa Anna 84 ACHS 46
  12. Santa Anna over ACHS.jpg

    Santa Anna over ACHS.jpg

    The Santa Anna boys upset ACSH.
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    Santa Anna might need to move up. Lol
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    Friends of Coach Uland

    Sorry for your loss.
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    Santa Anna 60 Rising Star 8
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    I must be blind but I don't see Gorman or Panther Creek in the Rankings.
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    Saturday Sixman Quarterback Rankings

    Didn't say its not fun, just doesn't matter at the end of the season.
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    COVID closures

    Baird just closed because of Covid. They hope to reopen on the 9th.
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    Saturday Sixman Quarterback Rankings

    Rankings are nice but they only matter if your playing college ball. With high school its just one more thing for us to argue about. Besides my team should always be number one, no matter how the games turn out. lol
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    Santa Anna vs Trent