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  1. Leman Saunders

    Pre 1950s Gyms

    Out of curiosity...which schools use as their primary basketball gym a building that was erected before 1950??? I remember playing in gyms that we would call "cracker jack box" gyms and most if not all of those seem to long gone now...
  2. Leman Saunders

    Thoughts on this?

    My first thought is how possible is that...not if it is a good or bad punishment. If someone on our team broke rules they had to run miles...most extreme was 50 miles due before being allowed back on varsity...granted no time limit but if you wanted back asap you had to run 50 miles
  3. Leman Saunders

    6 man History

    Blackwell has played the most total seasons of 6man football (not most consecutive)
  4. Leman Saunders

    Need 1973 & 1981 All-State Teams

    Looking for a little help....if anyone out there has the 1973 8man and 6man All-State teams and the 1981 6man All-State teams it would be a big help. The only two years I am missing. I have a few of the 1981 team but not the full selections note...I am not sure they selected a team in...
  5. Leman Saunders

    8-Man - Lets Revisit This Topic Again Because...Why Not

    Or Menard had that many out for football bc the move to 6man help renew interest in the program with the possibility of winning games instead of getting crushed in 11man for another got excited and showed up I will say this until I die...the time for a school to move to 6man is 2...
  6. Leman Saunders

    2022 State Games & More Films

    You can view both 2022 state games as well as a few other 2022 games and more will be added. To get updated when more are added just subscribe. If you aren't familiar with the channel simply search for games and would be great if people commented on games they watched or played in. Games from...
  7. Leman Saunders

    2022 All State selections?

    usually done at their Winter Meeting I believe
  8. Leman Saunders

    Mike Leach Talks 6man Football

    Who did love Mike Leach! Sad... Here is advice he gave to a 6man coach which is kind of fun
  9. Leman Saunders

    Coaches with most Championships Appearances?

    Most Appearances (as HC...if you count being an assistant as well these numbers would change for a few): 10 - Jerry Burkhart - Richland Springs 8 - Vance Jones - 2 Marathon, 1 Sanderson, 2 Garden City, 3 Balmorhea 6 - Dewaine Lee - Strawn 5 - Danny Medina - Fort Hancock 5 - Mike Reed - Rule...
  10. Leman Saunders

    Coaches with most Championships Appearances?

    I have a complete list of this... I see several errors have already been corrected so Danny Medina was an assistant on the 1986 Fort Hancock team for those wondering...Fred Carter was the head coach...though I think in fairness Fort people would say Danny deserves the credit but he technically...
  11. Leman Saunders

    8-Man - Lets Revisit This Topic Again Because...Why Not

    Also remember that only a handful would even play 8man bc those 11man schools like playing 11man. So if you had an 8man class a majority of those on the bottom end coming out of 6man wouldnt like it or want to play (Jonesboro for example) and many out of the top end playing 11man wouldnt want...
  12. Leman Saunders

    8-Man - Lets Revisit This Topic Again Because...Why Not

    8man wont come back...if you can play 6man you should...but schools like Ft Hancock and coach Duncans here it seems are the ones falling behind and that are in that 106-115 range... what needs to be done IMO is raise the 1a cut off to 115 and get them off that bubble bc there arent enough...
  13. Leman Saunders

    Most PATs

    Abbott's Paxton Pustejovsky was 11/11 last night against Irion County
  14. Leman Saunders

    Coach Watson!

    Heading into the State Title games Coach Watson is sitting in the drivers seat in the pick'em! Congrats! Will be hard for Watson to get beat here...would have to go 0-2 with someone going 2-0 or even 1-1 with points!
  15. Leman Saunders

    Most PATs

    Curious...I have 12 for 12 as the most PATs made in a single game (I think...some reason I think there is a 13 out there Im not finding)... Anyone have a kicker that has more??? Would also be curious if anyone has tracked most consecutive made across multiple games... 12/12 – Jared Martin...
  16. Leman Saunders

    Lanham Briley

    Thanks for that tip. Seems low for a guy who had 84 in one season, would like additional conformation but that's probably right as I believe Tommy Wells compiled those stats. He lumped in private school and UIL together...I dont bc of various rule differences (player eligibility, enrollment...
  17. Leman Saunders

    Lanham Briley

    Also I should note I do not have Nathan Strand's career stats and seeing how he passed for 84 TDs in a single season I think he would probably have the most TD passes in a career and probably yards
  18. Leman Saunders

    Lanham Briley

    OK I have very limited records research here so bare that in mind but..: For Private Schools Career 6man records Passing TDs #1 Yards #1 Comps #2 Attps #2
  19. Leman Saunders

    Lanham Briley

    195 passing TDs?
  20. Leman Saunders

    San Angelo Times article on former High Island QB, Zach Bronkhorst

    I would guess...culture and training would be the biggest adjustment to make? For a QB I would guess speed of game next and eligible/ineligible receivers would be big as well. Thoughts coach Bronk?