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    Pre 1950s Gyms

    Cherokee got to play in their new gym last basketball season. RS has an old rock gym, but it is not as much of a cracker box as some that I have seen. (Cherokee's old gym!) There is not a good seat for a spectator in Moran's gym! Mullin's is about the same. The two worst gyms that I have...
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    Mitchell county

    I visited with a guy from Munday a couple of years ago. At that time they could have been playing sixman but, their numbers in elementary would almost double what they have in high school now. I don't see them playing sixman anytime soon.
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    Possible issues with Richland Springs FB Team

    Guys,May has beaten RS twice since and including 2013. At least get your facts right. Of course, RS fans may be ignoring the second game because JB was the west Texas. It was the first year the Rigdons was at RS.
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    oldest highschool 6 man football player

    This is a crowded field story. I read an article in the '90s about a RB from Chilton turning 20 in the fall of his senior year, I think that they won state that year. Chilton somehow got a waiver from the state.
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    oldest highschool 6 man football player

    The year that Marathon was placed in the Talpa, Water Valley, Paint Rock, Christoval, Blackwell and Novice district we had to show copies of birth certificates at the district meeting. I always thought it was a district rule aimed at Marathon.
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    Medina and Leakey play this week. Should be for number 1 and 2 in their district.
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    Division 2 District Predictions

    I agree about District 14 except for one small detail. Rising Star is the team that will run off with the title. In 15 Blanket will win with Sidney and Zephyr having a battle for second. Oakwood will win 9 and Cherokee will win 16. Other than these small details, I can agree with your picks!
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    Week 7 District starts

    I have been looking at scores and the one common team that they have played. I think Menard has a real chance to pull an upset against Robert Lee.
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    Testing the Toy

    Have you actually looked at May's next three games and where they are ranked? For sure Abbott's next game has a higher ranking. And Coolidge is ranked higher than any of May's next three games. And while we are on the subject, how did May jump over Abbott just based on this last weeks play...
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    Testing the Toy

    The real truth is May's strength of schedule, of course after the week 7 games, that strength of schedule advantage will be gone and Abbott will be back in the 1 hole.
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    Week 7 District starts

    For about half of the Sixman districts this week is the start of their district play. There are three games that I feel will have an effect on the playoff picture. You may find more. First is Cherokee and RS, next is Gorman and Gordon and last is Robert Lee and Menard. I think that this last...
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    Testing the Toy

    I am expecting Abbott to grab the top spot with either Rankin or May in the 2 hole. WB could fall as far as four.
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    Longest INT Return: 89 Yards, Jaxon Gay, Chester, v Calvert 2022

    I watched a playoff game between Ira and WV in Blackwell. The older Morris brother from Ira caught a KO over his shoulder running hard into the end zone, tip-toe sideways to keep from stepping out of the back of the end, got his balance, turned and took the KO to the house. Longest KO return I...
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    UIL State Executive Committee to Meet (Richland Springs)

    I have been reading a lot "stuff" that is not germane to the ruling. I am thinking that JB remaining as the AD might be taking some real chances with the probation of RS. If anyone sees him in the press box, talking to the coaches during practice or at a game, doing his job of AD, like getting...
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    Games of the week for week 2?

    I was also at the JB-WB game and can agree completely with a bad night for the officials. From my angle, I thought the JB player touched the kickoff before the WB player did. The knee on the ground by the JB player was absolutely a bad call. I thought the line official on the JB sideline blew...
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    Games of the week for week 2?

    Are you suggesting that May didn't give WB a "real run for the money"? WB was beaten 4 times last year and they barely beat SC, I guess none of them gave them a "real run for the money". This year is different from last year, we can only wait and see.
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    week 2 spreads

    I thought that I might be looking at week 2 spreads based on week 1 rankings.
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    Sidney Eagles

    I was told today that a Sidney player kicked a 30 yard field goal in the game Thursday against Priddy. I am guessing that is the first field goal this year.
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    week 2 spreads

    I noticed that MC was ranked 50 and picked by 1 over Knox City ranked 11. That nearly has to be a typo. Right?
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    week 1 upsets

    I stand corrected. The result was the same.