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    Jonesboro & Irion County

    What was the reason
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    Jonesboro & Irion County

    Did a player get ejected?
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    San Angelo Times article: Burkhart suing everybody

    By chance do you happen to still do color?
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    San Angelo Times article: Burkhart suing everybody

    Leman every time he has to come on this forum and talk some common sense
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    Best J-Bird Offense

    A better coach that You would have a better chance than any of the armchair QBs on this site
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    RS RANK after winning

    As much as I like some of the other teams in East, there really is no other competition for that side of the bracket. Also, i watched it live and I could figure it out for myself, but could anyone else give more info on the first personal fouls that were called around the 40 yard line. It...
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    RS RANK after winning

    They’ll play again in the 3rd round. Hopefully Dublin, but probably Hico or Comanche. Benjamin VS Cherokee for State
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    MVP player of 2022 so far?

    Isn’t Rigdon still not at 100% from a car accident a few weeks ago. If so he’s probably still trying to heal up. Yes he did not look like himself. Go watch game film on Microplex News or Strawns Facebook from last year. You’ll see the real him. Source: I watched all the games of his last...
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    Rankings question

    Was Grayson in the car wreck that happened?
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    UIL State Executive Committee to Meet (Richland Springs)

    I’m not sure if you are broadcasting anymore but I liked your brand
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    UIL State Executive Committee to Meet (Richland Springs)

    Dad has spoken. Hes about to bring out the paddle.
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    Prayers for the Rigdon family.

    How many passengers were there?
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    Westbrook almost choked

    Can’t we all just agree that there really is no “winners” in a game like tonight. Like this shouldn’t even officially count when either one of these two teams could smoke the entirety of both divisions. Source: I watched the whole game live tonight. Also Grayson Rigdon is a God among boys...
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    Whenever Granger makes a post
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    Epler’s experiment: 90 years later, six-man football still small-town king

    Mike, just wanted to say like many have said before, that we all appreciate you for keeping the site going.
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    Jayton Classic questions

    Are there any FAQs I can find or can someone fill me in on things like what times to the gates open and items such as coolers etc.
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    Who will shock the world

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    Why wud Gabby bolt?

    This isn’t the booze man. This is Goob in his entire glorious splendor.
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    Ol Burkie and hiz RS record

    Goob is legendary and was basically here when the dark magic was written. He’s been on this site longer than virtually everyone minus a very select few. Put some respect on his name.