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    Open Games Needed

    Hey Coach, Kings Academy in Tyler. I'm new to coaching and looking for some games. I will take one. We are very young as well. 903-944-8283
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    Contact information for coaches???

    I'm a new coach, and wondering if there is an easy way to access contact information for other coaches? For instance, i would like to reach out to Fairhill for a game next year, but cannot find their coach's contact information. Is there a resource i dont know about, or does everyone just call...
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    Open Looking for week 11, Nov 4, in East Texas

    Kings Academy needs Week 11. Will be a Home Game for us in Tyler, Tx. Contact Coach Perry (903) 944-9283 Or email
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    Campbell Indians

    Hey Coach , Would you be interested in scheduling a game next year? We are in Tyler. Bobby Perry Kings Academy Tyler
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    Open King's Academy needs Varsity game week 10. Oct 28 and/or Week 11 Nov 5

    Preferably in the East Texas area. We can come to you, or meet at a neutral location. Contact Coach Bobby Perry (903) 944-9283 or
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    Filled Kings Academy needs week 5 or 6 ...Sept 23 or Sept 29/Oct 1

    Message Coach Perry (903)944-9283
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    Need game

    Hey Dean, I am looking for a week 10 and looking to come to you. Is this still open. Im new to coaching and new to 6 man. We would love to come up is you can have us. my cell is 903-944-9283. Bobby Perry
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    Open Looking for week 10 around East TX to Dallas area.

    Kings Academy Tyler, TX. We are looking for a week 10 opening. If anyone has this date open and can host us coming to you, that would be great. Thank you all. Have a great week. Coach Perry 903-944-9283
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    Need a Varsity 6-man game this weekend in East Texas!

    Do you have a week 10 on your schedule?
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    Tyler King's Academy

    I am the coach at Kings now. How can I help you? my email is
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    Thank you very much everyone. How would you handle it if you know you are playing a team that is playing graduated young men? The teams are not part of TAPPS or TAIAO. They just play 10 games and are home schooled. Most of my team are 15 16 year old boys who are in their first year of organized...
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    Rockwall Providence Academy Lions

    Hey Coaches, Kings Academy Tyler, Looking for week 10. We will travel to you. Still looking for a week 1 also. Please reach out to me. Coach Perry 903-944-9283
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    Open Looking for one more team in Tyler for second scrimmage

    Hey Coach, we just spoke but if your looking for the 20th, we can meet up for a scrimmage.
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    Filled Kings Academy Needs a Week One and a scrimmage

    Kings Academy in Tyler is looking for a week 1 game and we will come to you. Looking with in a 2 hour drive from Tyler. Also if anyone close wants to Scrimmage August 19th or 20th, please email me. 903-944-9283 cell phone call or text.
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    Tyler King's Academy Knights

    We are looking for a week one August 26th. We will come to you. With in 2 hours of Tyler, TX.
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    Filled Need a week 2 Home Game Tyler, TX

    Hello Everyone, I am new to coaching and new to SixMan. I had a week two cancel and need a week 2 home game filled. If anyone needs a week 2, please email me. I have 3 returning players from last year and 9 more playing that are young or seniors that have not played football before. they are...
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    Kennedale Fellowship Mustangs

    Hello Coaches, I had my week two home game here in Tyler,TX get cancelled. Any chance you guys have an opening and can come to Tyler for week 2? Coach Perry 903-944-9283
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    Garland Christian Swordsmen

    Hey Coaches, I am Bobby Perry, Coach at Kings Academy in Tyler. We have a week two home game and our scheduled opponent has cancelled. Would you guys happen to have a week two open and can come to Tyler? 903-944-9283 Thanks