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    Bluff Dale AD/Hd FB

    Houston, took an 11 man asst gig.
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    Ovilla Christian School- Coaching openings!!!

    No more Prairie Lea ?
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    Rotan ISD-Head Football

    Come on TebowTime15, You off all people should be more respectful of your comment. Why does Rotan have to find their man? What if a woman is qualified for the position?
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    Rotan ISD-Head Football

    yes I have read it 27x. Let's look at this job vacancy and put it into perspective 1. Why isn't the AD the head football coach, Usually in 1A he does. He is listed as ASST COACH. 2. Do you know how hard it is to find a MATH teacher who coaches football AT THE 1A LEVEL. 3. Most, all most all...
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    Rotan ISD-Head Football

    Emphasis on English & Math, For a football coach at the 1A level, Come on Mr. AD. This job will once again will be a revolving door. It's ashame because this job (hd fb) is open every year with ties to baseball. Maybe one day this job will be SS or PE with ties to track & field.
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    Kress ISD Head Football/AD/History composite

    This will be a very hard sale to get someone to come to Kress after what has happened to the previous coaches/coaching staffs. Who'm ever takes this job HONESTLY NEEDS TO ASK FOR A 2 YEAR CONTRACT, SO IF THEY TERMINATE YOU, YOU GET AN EXTRA YEARS SALARY. Stevens - (plus 3 coaches removed)...
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    Coaching Carousel 2020

    Head Football Openings Grandfalls Royalty Kress Rising Star Oglesby Hermleigh
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    Coaching Carousel 2020

    Kress Football is open, Coach Resignation Don't know if its AD
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    Coaching Carousel 2020

    football Rising Star - AD/Hd FB
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    Coaching Carousel 2020

    Football Hermleigh is open Basketball (girls) O'donnell is open
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    Basketball Phenom??

    BE, That 7th grader, along with his JH sister, HS brothers & dad will be LONG GONE from Richland Springs this year. So no RS will NOT become a basketball mecca. Rumor has it out here in good ol' Levelland Texas is, the above mentioned family is looking at teaming up with you and your son at a...
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    Why are you blocking me?

    If it's not Granger, I'd look into the IRAN CYBER ATTACKS ON THE U.S.A Iran has been interested in cyber attacks on this site for years, ever since the 1979-1989 when Ruhollah Khomeini was the supreme leader. You can find out who is blocking you from this site by clicking on F10, NumLock...
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    Snap Shot #'s ???

    With October 25 being the day for snap shot numbers, What is everyone turning in?
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    Covington vs. Blum

    Blum by 40 to 50 Covington's schedulee One school at .500 (penelope) and the others have no more than 2 wins (abbott). I will agree, it's great scheduling to get the winning buzz around Covington. Maybe this next realignment we'll see Covington play the Mays, Gormans, Strawns, Calverts...
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    Can we finally admit....

    The two divisions were discussed with ALL Superintendents and Coaches. From their the Superintendents took the advice of their present coaches at that time and it was voted to go with the two division format. Uil sent out the proposal to ALL 6man schools and it came back with MORE IN FAVOR of...
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    realignment 2020

    Techster click on the above link. There are no more 1A multiple ways of adding. IN THE PAST A 1A SCHOOL COULD ADD 9-12 OR 8-11 OR 7-10 OR 9-10 DOUBLED. After reading the link supplied by UIL, it's only 9-12 now AND if you are above the 104.9 mark
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    realignment 2020

    Here's a new twist to the 2020 realignment configurations (looks like no more adding of grade levels) Click on the link provided and scroll down to II. Uil Conferences 3b. ... licies.pdf Conference A shall consist of all schools with an enrollment of...
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    Upset Alert: Week 1

    Suprise score of the West Grandfalls 45ing whitharral Assuming a closer game. Another East coach coming west and seeing the coaching difference. Suprise score of the East Not avalon scoring 47 but Abbott only managing 7 total points. Has the Crawford regime ran its course at Abbott. They've...
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    Upset Alert: Week 1

    Scores that made you do a double take. 1. Avalon smashing Abbott 2. Aspermont all over Aquilla 3. Grandfalls Royalty crushing Whitharral 4. Waco Methodist Home beating Gordon
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    Upset Alert: Week 1

    I believe it already happened Waco Methodist Home over Gordon