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  1. CowboyP


    Who is buying the tannerite and ammo?
  2. CowboyP


    I can't believe this thread survived. I expected Mike to kill it.
  3. CowboyP


    Yes it's true.
  4. CowboyP


    Final Follett 68 Darrouzett 0
  5. CowboyP

    Week 9 Broadcasts

    Sixmania: Sterling City at Westbrook Evant at Lometa http://sixmania.com/broadcasts/
  6. CowboyP

    Good games in week 9

    We have broadcasts on two of those. Sterling City at Westbrook Evant at Lometa http://sixmania.com/broadcasts/
  7. CowboyP

    Chris Kuykendall passes away

    Chris Kuykendall passed away yesterday. He was 47.
  8. CowboyP

    Uh Oh! RS in trouble... UIL Violations

    An aide is not the same thing as a student teacher. An aide that is a fulltime employee of the school district can coach varsity sports.
  9. CowboyP

    Rainjack sponsors Sixmania's state game broadcasts

    Well, my post got hijacked, but it's still mine. Again, I'd like to thank rainjack for his help, and I'm adding a huge thanks to FCSA for helping us finish covering expenses. These guys are a blessing.
  10. CowboyP

    Rainjack sponsors Sixmania's state game broadcasts

    I have to give a huge shout-out to rainjack for sponsoring our state game coverage. Thank you! You can listen at http://sixmania.com/broadcasts/
  11. CowboyP


    Listen to this one at http://sixmania.com/broadcasts/
  12. CowboyP

    Union hill vs milford

    It was a great game. Hopefully I did it justice.
  13. CowboyP

    Radio Broadcasts

    Leakey at Nueces Canyon http://sixmania.com/broadcasts/
  14. CowboyP

    Film check... Old & New...

    There are two YouTube channels dedicated to sixman football. Leman Saunders has six-man films, and I have Sixmania media.
  15. CowboyP

    heres my pickem

    Shannon Williams is still HC. BE is an assistant.
  16. CowboyP

    Week 4 Radio Broadcast

    Moscow @ Weskan (Kansas)  Friday September 20, 2019  3:00 PM Central. (2:00 PM Mountain) Eads @ Kit Carson (Colorado)  Friday September 20, 2019  8:00 PM Central  (7:00 PM Mountain) http://mixlr.com/sixmania1
  17. CowboyP

    Cowboy Parks Bowl

    I wish I had seen this post sooner! I didn't get to see this one, but I heard it was a good one.
  18. CowboyP

    6 man History

    Hopefully I'll be able to resume my schedule & score search soon. Maybe I'll be able to find more material for you.
  19. CowboyP

    How to dispose of old Football Hemlets

    I appreciate y'all thinking about me.
  20. CowboyP

    Dave Campbell’s D1 Preseason top 10

    I picked McLean by 30. How is that rooting for Milford? A little info for you- the broadcaster that sounded like a Milford fan went to school at Ira. Another is a six-man coach in New Mexico. The other guy is from Zephyr.