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  1. Coach Chamberlain

    Most PATs

    Shane Gallagher from Blum made 13 in the Abbott game in 2014.
  2. Coach Chamberlain

    Hosting Neutral Site Games

    With playoffs right around the corner, Keene ISD is willing to host your upcoming playoff games. Last year we hosted 3 neutral site playoff games and are looking to host more this year. If you are interested you can contact our AD John McFarlin at jmcfarlin@keeneisd.org. Good luck to all the...
  3. Coach Chamberlain

    Filled Game Needed Week 7

    Looking for a Week 7 game 10/7. Needs to be a home game for us and we will return the favor next year. Contact: Brady Chamberlain bchamberlain@keeneisd.org or John McFarlin jmcfarlin@keeneisd.org.
  4. Coach Chamberlain

    Open JV Games needed for Keene

    Got some weeks covered. Still looking for week 8 and week 10 for JV
  5. Coach Chamberlain

    Open JV Games needed for Keene

    Looking for JV games. The following weeks are Open: Week 2, Week 4, Week 7, Week 8, and Week 10. Contact: bchamberlain@keeneisd.org or jmcfarlin@keeneisd.org