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  1. fajitapete

    6 man football in 2-1

    Hopefully, I will be back attending games in the panhandle this year. Looking forward to the C-stands and the frito pies. . . .
  2. fajitapete

    White Deer vs Ira. Mclean vs aspermont.

    Happy, Sands, Lueders-Avoca, Water Valley, Abilene Christian, Ropes, Rotan, Spur, Aspermont, and Hermleigh or was that a rhetorical question?
  3. fajitapete

    Kansas vs Texas

    do they play the same set of rules? Would be nice to set up a there here type of match up as part of week 0 games,
  4. fajitapete

    Panther Creeek

    NADA, first thing you do is make sure they see your military retired ID then the CHL license. Got another warning, only cost tome was the 15-20 mins the stop took.
  5. fajitapete


    Respect: Aretha had it right, “All I'm askin' is for a little respect”. Five guys and a gal took the field again Friday night against a team comprised of almost all seniors. And there were twelve of them. Playing both sides of the ball may mean its fast not having to put in the defense or...
  6. fajitapete

    Panther Creeek

    Panther Creek ISD, team mascot, the Panther. In my warped mind they should have chosen the Bobcats, Bulldogs or maybe the Pirates. Confuse the audience, shake things up. The C-Stand at Panther field is run by the FFA. Yep, Future Farmers of America. See, a little shake up is a good thing...
  7. fajitapete

    The vanishing Calvert Frito Pie

    inquiring minds want to know, what items exist on a tier 1 collegiate Frito Pie bar? My mouth is watering just thinking of the possibilities. . .
  8. fajitapete

    The vanishing Calvert Frito Pie

    My bad! The attempt to make a third game this week fell short. I should have checked to see kickoff time. I was planning to head out to Calvert about 6:30 in order to be there for a 7:30 kickoff. Then I got a late start, leaving the Forest Compound at or about 6:50. Figured I would be...
  9. fajitapete

    Buckholt Badgers

    It was a light mist and a new venue for me. I made the trip, avoiding the speed trap at Rogers by coming in from the land of Yo, ie:Cameron. It was a good thing that I was slowed down looking for the field, seems that Buckholts has their own version of the Rogers speed trap. Buckholts started...
  10. fajitapete

    Olfen - week 3

    Different team this week than the one I watched at the kick off classic. They seem to be believing in themselves. They know they can score, and they are applying the fundamentals so much better. Got the chance to watch the jr high game. There is a good group of youngsters there, when they...
  11. fajitapete

    Lohn does Frito Pie right

    Thursday night under the lights, except it didn't really get dark till later. 5 guys and a girl took the field for the varsity, but I got there in time to watch the 8 man jr high team play as well. 8 players playing 6 man ball. First Frito pie was ordered after giving the C-stand time to get...
  12. fajitapete

    Bluff Dale

    Well it didn't go as well as it could have. Inexperience is apparent but that will go away with time. But just as important, I saw instances of brilliance, these 6, 5 men and a lady, played both sides of the ball against a team at least twice in number. they showed they could, and did run...
  13. fajitapete

    he's back . . .

    Great place, love the smaller 6-man schools, more like family, the stand did a great job, they are going to get better as the season goes on. Players brisket sounds good, love the stands that have a traditional offering, makes it hard to rate a Frito pie if there is local BBQ or grilled burgers.
  14. fajitapete

    Rochelle C-stand ranked #1

    Wow! the WPA built a football field using local stone and the natural contours of the land in Rochelle. Beautiful mature live oak trees shade the west side of the field and with the light breeze blowing, it was a great place to watch a couple of 6-man games. Sitting in the shade I enjoyed the...
  15. fajitapete

    rating the Pies

    Frito Pie Grading guidelines: 1. The boat/bag: Size does matter, tiny Frito pies are an abomination to football fans, they might be ok for pre-k and kindergarten kids but big football fans like big volume. But traditional serving in the bag gets points for respecting the tradition. 2.Fritos...
  16. fajitapete

    he's back . . .

    Looks like I am going to be back attending 6-man games after a few years on the sidelines. Who knew being retired was so much work. I always had time for 6-man when working. Starting off this year at Rochelle, hope the c-stand is ready . . .
  17. fajitapete

    Lohn Eagles

    things are settling down, I am in the middle of 6-man territory so no excuses for not making the games.
  18. fajitapete

    Lohn Eagles

    More important, do they have a concession stand?
  19. fajitapete

    Lohn Eagles

    Going to be an interesting year, With a new coach, new to school, but a very experienced coach in 6-man. Building a 6-man team, ok, a 5-man 1-woman team at this point. Team looked good at the scrimmage, still learning to play the game but clearly they are on the right track. I think Coach...