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  1. jc_30

    Nicest 6-Man Grass Fields

    Sands has the best grass field I've ever coached at, Whiteface has great grass, Anton has great grass. From what i have seen on film Guthrie, Motley, Follett, Baird, Roby all have great looking grass fields.
  2. jc_30

    Best J-Bird Offense

    The Coach Lee they are talking about is Mitch Lee, not Strawn's Coach Lee.
  3. jc_30

    Hmmm...guess the dead horse is alive and well

    Was he not assistant with Pasqua for the 74? I could have sworn he was. If not the other state title must be the track title they won during that time. Still doesn't disprove that Coach Jones is a program builder and not a talent chaser.
  4. jc_30

    Hmmm...guess the dead horse is alive and well

    Spread 91 you obviouly know nothing about sixman football. Coach jones was at Marathon in the 70's (winning two titles) and the 80's before going to Fort Stockton and coaching 11man for 13 or so years. He started the sixman program in Sanderson taking them to the state title game in '03. He...
  5. jc_30

    Open Anton JH looking oct 20

    Anton JH is looking to fill a agme on Thursday Oct. 20. This can be a home or away game. Please contac Coach Hoover at 915-256-7728 or by email matthewhoover@antonisd.org
  6. jc_30

    Open Anton JH needs week 3 or week 9!

    Anton JH needs a week 3 home game or a week 9 away game. I you are interested please contact Coach Hoover at matthewhoover@antonisd.org.
  7. jc_30


    Anton-48 Lazbuddie-0
  8. jc_30

    Week One Broadcasts/Streaming

    Does anyone know if Jayton is having the Grid Iron classic live streamed as far as video? Do thy use NFHS network or any other live video streaming service?
  9. jc_30

    2022 early predictions

    your d1 brakcet is a little messed up you have D2 and D3 playing each other in the bi district round.
  10. jc_30

    I'm having this debate

    Westbrook has a track, it is just seperate and sits next to the football stadium. There is a few that are like this Loop, Lorenzo, Hart, Westbrook, Sanderson.
  11. jc_30

    Open Anton 1st Scrimmage

  12. jc_30

    Open Anton 1st Scrimmage

    Anton is looking to add one or two teams to their first scrimmage on Friday , August 12th in Anton. If interested please contact Coach Hoover at matthewhoover@antonisd.org or 915-256-7728.
  13. jc_30

    6man football camp in Anton!

  14. jc_30

    6man football camp in Anton!

  15. jc_30

    6man football camp in Anton!

    If anybody is interested please contact us or register online through the link on the Anton Bulldog Athletics Facebook page!
  16. jc_30

    New Forum Colors

    I like the classic original look, takes me back to 1999 Sophomore year, when i found this amazing website. Great job Mike.
  17. jc_30

    Anton 6 on 6 -2022

    This is a free league, guaranteed 2 games a night, still looking for a few more teams.
  18. jc_30

    Anton 6 on 6 -2022

  19. jc_30

    Anton 6 on 6 -2022