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  1. CoachCooley

    Coach Watson!

    Watson is a solid Coach/Man. He knows his stuff.
  2. CoachCooley

    Appreciation Post

    This is a little off the wall but I feel this is the best place to post this. There a lot of things growing or “aging” out of small schools. But today was a humble reminder for why many go to small rural schools. Today, the Superintendent of Happy coached a JH team to a Tournament championship...
  3. CoachCooley

    Alternatives to HUDL

    We pay 5K and just as Coach Jones said that is with all the bells and whistles, assist, unlimited teams, and camera systems. You may want to reach out to a rep and have them requote it for you.
  4. CoachCooley


    Most teams post their stats on MaxPreps, you can filter it for just 6man as well.
  5. CoachCooley

    Open JV Game Needed 10/20/22

    Due to cancellation, Claude needs a JV game in Claude on 10/20/22, we have officials already assigned. All we need is an opponent. Contact me at (806)632-2956 or athletics@claudeisd.net.
  6. CoachCooley


    Amherst 49 - Claude 28
  7. CoachCooley

    Open Leakey needs week 4, 5, or 7

    I believe Borden is looking for a game week 4.
  8. CoachCooley


    Claude 48 - Roby 46
  9. CoachCooley

    Numbers Thread

    Claude - 20
  10. CoachCooley


    There are plenty of “underrated” coaches. One name that comes to mind and no one else named is Goodwin in Ira, and his son will probably follow soon at Naz as well.
  11. CoachCooley

    Team Logos

  12. CoachCooley

    Claude Boys Openings

    Claude Boys (JV/VB) are looking to fill 11/12 and 11/18 dates for boy's basketball. Contact Coach Cooley gaeron.cooley@claudeisd.net 806-632-2956 (text/call)
  13. CoachCooley

    Looking for Golf Tournament

    Claude ISD is going to compete in Golf this year and is looking for tournaments/opens near the panhandle. Can travel up to three hours or so, will have a boy's team and possibly girl's individuals. If anybody has any info or can help us find some, let me know. Can contact in the thread, or...
  14. CoachCooley

    Who could or should add football

    Pringle-Morse, does have high school again, numbers are 36.
  15. CoachCooley

    JH Social Studies / Coach (Claude)

    Claude ISD is looking to hire a Social Studies 6-8 certified teacher with available coaching responsibilities (Asst. Football, Boys’ Basketball, and Softball/Track). This position is open and we are seeking options immediately. To apply or for more information contact one of these options...
  16. CoachCooley

    Possible Summer Ball Tournament

    There is a possibility for a summer ball tournament here in Claude. We are wanting to see who is interested in coming to play, we want to make it worth everyone's travel to play. We do not have lights so games would start in the morning and play through the afternoon. The entry fee would be to...
  17. CoachCooley

    Softball: Open Dates

    Claude ISD is looking to fill games for softball whether home or away (within reason) on March 26/27, April 5/6, & April 16/17. For more information or interest please contact Coach Cooley at: gaeron.cooley@claudeisd.net or (806) 632-2956.
  18. CoachCooley

    Need a Replacement Basketball Game - Nov 20th

    Claude Varsity Boys are looking for a basketball away game this Friday after a COVID cancellation. Please contact Coach Dunnavin @ 8064716981, email @ keeler.dunavin@claudeisd.net, or reply here directly.