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  1. CT6MFL

    2019 D1 State Champions

    its called hope.... I hear rebellions are built on them:)
  2. CT6MFL


    Like a diabetic with a leg scab that won't go away:)
  3. CT6MFL

    6 man History

    Was working the day I checked it. Maybe site maintenance or something.
  4. CT6MFL

    6 man History

    Ole Billy is from the Temple Area, has a lot of stuff on football and track as well.
  5. CT6MFL

    Way to early Top 10

    Way easier to understand too....
  6. CT6MFL

    Six-Man Football is Boon to the Small High School

    "Snapper Backer" that should go on a t-shirt lol.
  7. CT6MFL

    Richland vs Milford

    You right.
  8. CT6MFL

    Does Six-Man Need Richland Springs to win its 9th Title?

    uh oh.. beating up a dead horse again.
  9. CT6MFL

    Week 10 Big Game: Jonesboro (7-1) at Zephyr (8-0)

    Well i missed that one.
  10. CT6MFL

    Week 10 Big Game: Jonesboro (7-1) at Zephyr (8-0)

    I'll take HTA/HFA for the win.
  11. CT6MFL


    just nasty.........lol
  12. CT6MFL


    Most useless post I have read to date. Its like a nat buzzing around ones face:)
  13. CT6MFL

    realignment 2018

    Smyer beat Buckholts in a playoff game during that time. I love rumors lol. Someone mentioned to me that Thornton was considering moving up to #1A :). They were another six-man team from way back. If I had to say its more of a rumor though.
  14. CT6MFL

    Week 3 Big Game: Calvert vs Borden County in Zephyr

    On an equally exciting topic.... when was the last time Calvert was goose-egged? That has to be an exciting notch in the belt for BC.
  15. CT6MFL

    6 man History

    Kenneth Barron is his name. Finally got his number back. Had to call a friend of a friend of a sister-n-laws friend to get it. I passed it on to CP.
  16. CT6MFL

    6 man History

    The one that may have slipped away........ So a funny thing happened to me last month. There I was in the middle of a little league base ball game in Troy Texas minding my own business when BAM! I hear the words Retired and Air Force. So being the vet that I was I piped up for a chat with...
  17. CT6MFL

    Calvert has hired

    dang ole codger never give up. lol
  18. CT6MFL

    Calvert has hired

    Didn't he coach at Rosebud for a bit?
  19. CT6MFL

    Pawnee School starting JH Program

    A little further south and the RGV will be back in six-man.