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  1. Cavman1

    Open WEEK 10 NEEDED

    Ft. Worth Covenant Classical is in need of a week 10 game (10/28) for the 2023 season. Would prefer a home game , but are willing to travel. We are a TAPPS Division II school. If interested contact Ron Abrams Text 817-781-2813 Email rabrams@covenantfw.org
  2. Cavman1

    Fort Worth Covenant Classical Cavaliers

    Covenant Classical Cavaliers wins second straight TAPPS State Championship. Defeating Pasadena First Baptist Warriors 68-30. Claiming the TAPPS Division II 2022 Title, To follow up on their Division III 2021 Title last season.
  3. Cavman1

    Open Need Week 10 for 2023

    Covenant Classical Ft. Worth is needing a week 10 Varsity Game for the 2023 season.
  4. Cavman1

    Lanham Briley

    Thanks, Leman
  5. Cavman1

    Lanham Briley

    Just realized I left out Lanhams Yardage he threw for 10,459 yards. That 5.9 miles!
  6. Cavman1

    Lanham Briley

    Just realized I left out Lanhams Yardage he threw for 10,459 yards. Thats 5.9 miles
  7. Cavman1

    Lanham Briley

    Correct 14 his Freshman year in two games. 53 sophomore covid season in 9 games 75 Junior year in 13 games 53 Senior year in 12 games ANd as you know most of those games ended at half or early 3rd quarter.
  8. Cavman1

    Onside kick attempt blocking

    If B crosses the restraining line he surrenders his protection. By my understanding having had this discussion in 2019 at the state championship game. It's the same thing as if a punter starts to run his or a place holder stands up their protection is no longer in effect.
  9. Cavman1

    Onside kick attempt blocking

    Unless the receiving player crosses the restraining line, at which point he gives ups his protection.
  10. Cavman1

    Anton coach passed away

    The Covenant Classical community lifts our prayers for Coach Hoover's family, team and the community of Anton.
  11. Cavman1

    2022 Playoffs - Week 13 - Confirmed Info Only

    Plano Coram Deo vs Ft. Worth Covenant Classical Friday, 7 P.M. at Ft. Worth Christian School
  12. Cavman1

    WEEK 12 SCORES - VARSITY FINALS ONLY (Playoffs Round 1)

    So much for the rumors this morning that Richland Springs was down players. If they were they did pretty well.
  13. Cavman1

    WEEK 12 SCORES - VARSITY FINALS ONLY (Playoffs Round 1)

    FW Covenant Classical 52 Wylie Prep 0 at Half
  14. Cavman1

    2022 Playoffs - Week 12 - Confirmed Info Only

    FW Covenant Classical W-Div. 2 District 1(Home) Wylie Prep Dist. 2 4th 7:00 pm Cavalier Field Covenant Classical
  15. Cavman1


    Denton Calvary forfeited on Ft. Worth Covenant Classical. FWCC 1-DC 0
  16. Cavman1

    Open GAme Needed Tomorrow

    We had a district team forfeit on us at the last minute. Desperately need a replacement game. We can host or travel. If anyone else has lost their week 11 game please contact. Ron Abrams Ft. Worth Covenant Classical rabrams@covenantfw.org call or text 817-781-2813
  17. Cavman1


    FW Covenant Classical and Denton Calvary has been postponed.
  18. Cavman1


    Looking at Wylie's MAxPrep page it shows a 2-0 win. So I guess Lakehill forfeited.
  19. Cavman1


    Covenant Classical 64 Keller-Harvest 0 Halftime
  20. Cavman1

    Field goal question

    We had this situation in the Semi-finals last year. We blocked a FG picked it up in the endzone and returned it back to the +30 on the 11-man field. It took me 5 minutes to convince the ref, that the ball had to be moved forward ten yards to the 20. But finally got it right.