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    February 23-25 Tournament

    Coach text me. Got a idea for a round Robin Ryan Rollins 6823447958
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    Pre 1950s Gyms

    I bet you could run a nice half court trap
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    Pre 1950s Gyms

    My favorite gyms
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    Games needed

    Azle Christian School has openings for a couple more games We could play on following dates: Feb 20,21,23,25 or 28. April 3,411,13 or 14th. Text /Call Ryan Rollins 682-344-7958
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    TAPPS playoff dates

    What is TAPPS thinking moving D4 and D5 playoff dates up to April 22? Small schools already can't start until March due to basketball having most our players. That's not even 2 months of baseball
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    Game needed Jan 26 or 27th and 31

    Azle Christian School needs a boys varsity game Jan 26 or 27th and 31. We could also do a jv game. Call/text Ryan Rollins 6823447958
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    First 50 point game of the year!

    Kids good for sure and he's just getting warmed up
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    Trent Baseball Games Needed

    If Azle Christian School is not to far text me for a game. 6823447958
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    Need game Jan 31

    Azle Christian School needs a boys varsity game Tues, Jan 31. Would prefer it to be home but would travel within reason. Call/text 6823447958 Rrollins@azlechristianschool.org
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    Need games Dec29,30

    Anybody down for Friday at 3?
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    Need games Dec29,30

    Azle Christian School had teams drop on us Dec 29 and 30th. We have officials for 3pm games if anybody is interested. Text/Call 6823447958
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    Weatherford Express info

    Does anyone have contact info for Weatherford Express boys varsity coach?
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    Dec 27 or 29th game needed

    Azle Christian a TAPPS 1A is looking for a boys varsity game Dec 27 or 29th. We can host or travel. Text me please Ryan Rollins 682-344-7958
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    Open Bryson ISD Head Football/AD

    Hes their head basketball and baseball coach. He might be happy with that
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    8-Man - Lets Revisit This Topic Again Because...Why Not

    Who where the last teams in Texas playing 8 man? I know Fort Worth Calvary Christian and that private school in Granbury (OakTrail)? where still trying in the 90's but who else?
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    Appreciation Post

    Great post. There's still good ones out there
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    Joshua Christian has a team again?
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    TAPPS playoff predictions

    Absolutely. And not knowing whose actually in your district until you basically start the season wrecks havoc on scheduling
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    Azle Christian 46 Panther Creek 0