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  1. CoachGuzman3

    Open Savoy ISD - Head Football/Boys Coordinator - Possible AD

    To all my coaching friends looking: Savoy is a great place. Supt and principal are former coaches and get it.
  2. CoachGuzman3

    Thoughts on this?

    I think we need more details before we come up with a thought. If the coach actually gave kids Rhabdo, then he deserves to be fired and never able to work with kids again. However, if it was just pushups and kids were just sore and overprotective parents just took their kids to the hospital then...
  3. CoachGuzman3

    O'Brien Veer

    Too bad Strawn had that scrawny ole QB. @Shane-Mallory
  4. CoachGuzman3

    Track Meets 2023 Savoy

    Savoy is looking for track meets for 2023 in North Texas. Willing to travel a bit to attend 1A meets. Let me know (325)728-7151
  5. CoachGuzman3

    Open Savoy Week 1

    Savoy is needing a week one. Reach out my email jguzman@savoyisd.org or phone (325)728-7151
  6. CoachGuzman3

    Most PATs

    Seen her against us. She's one of the better kickers I've seen. Very impressive.
  7. CoachGuzman3

    Nicest 6-Man Grass Fields

    I'm a bit biased, but our field in Savoy is one of the better grass surfaces I've seen. We have bermuda we mow down with fairway reel mower to get it 3/4". Looks and plays well.
  8. CoachGuzman3

    Open Savoy Scrimmage

    Savoy is looking for one more team to add to scrimmage Saturday august 13. Contact coach Guzman 325-728-7151
  9. CoachGuzman3

    Filled Savoy Week one

    Savoy needs a week one game due to a cancellation. We can host or travel within reason. Contact Jacob Guzman (325)728-7151
  10. CoachGuzman3

    Numbers Thread

    Savoy - 20
  11. CoachGuzman3

    Open Savoy Head Baseball

    Savoy ISD is looking for a head baseball coach. Secondary sports are negotiable. Great administration(former coaches), great community support, great kids, competitive pay with possibility of 12 month contract. Would be a great opportunity for a coach looking to get his first head coaching gig...
  12. CoachGuzman3

    Savoy 6 on 6 League

    Savoy is looking to host a league on Tuesdays in June.(7,14,21) If interested contact Coach Guzman (325)728-7151
  13. CoachGuzman3

    Weight equipment

    Have super cat bear squat machine I’d be willing to sell or trade.
  14. CoachGuzman3

    Weight equipment

    Looking to buy some used dumbbell sets, weight sleds, anything you may be looking to get rid of. Have a couple machines I may be willing to trade. Thanks
  15. CoachGuzman3

    Savoy 6 on 6 League

    Savoy will be hosting a 6 on 6 passing league on Tuesdays in June. If you're interested contact Coach Guzman(325)728-7151 We will need coaches to official in order to keep entry free.
  16. CoachGuzman3

    Highland Hilltop Relays 4/7

  17. CoachGuzman3

    Highland Hilltop Relays 4/7

    Highland is looking for 1-2 teams to join us on 4/7 for our HS invitational. If interested contact Jacob Guzman (325)728-7151
  18. CoachGuzman3

    Filled Savoy Coaching Opening

    Savoy is currently hiring a Coach/History teacher. Looking for someone passionate about kids and helping to build an elite program. Contact: Jacob Guzman (325)728-7151 jguzman@savoyisd.org Or Supt. Jance Morris jmorris@savoyisd.org