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    Texas 6

    That was not the finale...next week is the final episode And I’m willing to bet a Strawn kid did not receive a dime for the show
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    Coyotes Headed For State (again!)

    I thought they played a weak schedule??? Stunned they were able to make it this far....eye roll
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    Post Week 1 Thoughts.

    White Deer beat Strawn though???
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    Being Silenced or censored is not Texan.. Change my mind!

    Can we please get rid of this tool already!!??!
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    Heard some rumo(RS)...

    Too many clowns in this thread to keep up with
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    JB status

    This will be fun
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    Coaching Carousel 2020

    Glad Go Bucks is all knowing. Willing to bet you have no clue what all went in that decision Keyboard warrior
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    "The Drunken Reverend"

    This site isn’t quite what it used to be
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    Heard some rumo(RS)...

    Good enough to win state-but not good enough to get out of a district Makes perfect sense!
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    Rigdon/Richland Springs article

    Both are trash-there’s an unbiased opinion
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    Why are you blocking me?

    What a clown You and Lubbock Roach boy need to exit from here and never come back
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    Uh Oh! RS in trouble... UIL Violations

    Any full time school employee can coach at any level. Period I have known head football coaches who were janitors at their schools. Shane Woods led Follett girls to state title in basketball in 2008. He led the maintenance dept. Try harder trolls
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    Richland Springs vs Motley thoughts

    Hate to say it-but can’t see this one being close RS wins it early 3rd qtr
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    Borden County vs Rankin

    Not quite-that’ll be next week with BC-McLean
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    McLean vs white deer

    McLean 68 White Deer 22
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    wheres the drama????

    What a clown post
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    Union hill vs milford

    I thought this was Milford’s year???? Or was that last year? Or the year before that? Or maybe the year before that one? Oh well-I’m sure next year they’ll win it all
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    Whitedeer vs McLean

    On Facebook-must be true then!
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    Strawn - Milford

    When did the state games get moved to Dallas????