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    The Rematch Benjamin vs. Loraine DII State Championship

    Congrats to Benjamin. I think it was gonna be their year with or without the Rigdon kid. He just elevated what was already a good team.
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    IC vs Abbott

    I've got Irion picked to win but honestly, I really wouldn't be surprised if Abbott pulls off the victory. I'm expecting a good tough close game between these 2 teams.
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    Benjamin vs Whitharral

    46-16, Benjamin on top at the half. Whitharral has had some costly penalties on 2 good drives that did/could've resulted in points.
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    Happy vs Westbrook

    I'm happy my prediction isn't happening lol and that this is a damn good tough game.
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    Happy vs Westbrook

    Happy makes it to the 2nd half but eventually gets worn down. Westbrook by 38 if not 45.
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    Nobody wants to talk about it???

    The way Westbrook is currently playing in the Playoffs. Nobody beats them but themselves.
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    Thanksgiving Truths in D1

    Lol wow, you got me there little buddy...
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    Thanksgiving Truths in D1

    Yeah, sorry but Strength of schedule means absolutely nothing when these Rankings are complete trash. Some schedules look better than what they actually are for that reason alone.
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    Best team to never win state?

    Yes, and I believe the video is floating around somewhere of that return. It was definitely a wild finish to that game.
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    Best team to never win state?

    I'm going with.... the 1994 Balmorhea Bears. They only had 1 loss that year and it was by 4 points to the Amherst Bulldogs in the Semifinals. I'll also add, the 2003 Ft. Davis Indians. Who came up short at State against Strawn. They were a pretty damn good team that year.
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    Round 1 Playoff Predictions

    I haven't been very active this year but I'll definitely be joining this and doing my picks this year. I even printed out the Dave Campbells brackets to do it on paper 1st before typing my picks here.
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    Week 1

    I may try to make it out to the Balmorhea vs. Rankin game on Friday. Both are Top 10 teams. Top 5 in their Divisions. But.... idk much on either team this year. These 2 have been having some close battles over the last few years though. So I'm interested in seeing how this game turns out.
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    I'm having this debate

    Balmorhea's new stadium might be a new bucket list for some, depending on how it turns out when completed. I do know it'll be located just outside of town. Idk if it'll be turf or grass but they do have some mountains off in the distance that may add a nice background view depending on their layout.
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    Most Anticipated Games of 2022

    It seems to be, Throckmorton. Their 1st season in Sixman, was in 2004. They made a Semifinal run that year. And the following year (05), they won State.
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    Most Anticipated Games of 2022

    That was their 2nd year of Sixman for both teams. Both made playoffs in their 1st year as well.
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    2021 Round 1 Playoffs Pick-Em

    Man, I could've tied for 1st lol. Back in the Bi District round. I 2nd guessed myself last minute and changed 3 picks. All of which ended up wrong. But I'll take a Top 5 finish lol.
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    Strawn vs Motley County Predictions?

    Well I didn't expect MC to get 45'd but I knew they were gonna have problems stopping both those kids from Strawn. Those turnovers really hurt them. But in the end, it was a heck of a season. Gotta keep your heads up high MC.
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    Westbrook vs May

    Man, i feel for that kid. He's gonna remember that for awhile. But nonetheless, May has no reason to hang their heads. This was a slugfest. I actually thought May would get away in the 4th. That's why I had picked them to win. But Westbrook showed me what I've thought over the season. If they...
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    Westbrook vs May

    What a game we got so far.
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    Westbrook vs May

    Not gonna lie, I completely forgot they went thru Sterling City in the playoffs. They did beat SC earlier in the season in another close game. As for Happy, I'm sure it was a tough game. Unfortunately winning by 34 points doesn't really indicate that in the end... For me, I'm looking at their 4...