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    2021 Coaching Changes Thread

    I wish this wasn't true but I also do not blame coaches and educators for leaving the education system. Parents can be ruthless and irresponsible, making it a very tough profession now days. Coaches have to put up with too much crap from helicopter parents who think their kid is treated...
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    2021 Coaching Changes Thread

    I'm always curious to watch the changes come about. Anyone have any to report thus far?
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    Milford and Coolidge

    I do miss the days of having Milford Insider on here giving his props to Milford and rooting for his team. For the most part it was great banter. Those days seemed to have left us in 2020. Thanks COVID!
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    Westbrook Making Noise

    With wins over Motley Co. and now Borden Co., is this team a new contender? Has anyone seen them live and can confirm?
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    UIL Executive Committee meeting. Zephyr

    Throwing more money at it is not going to change anything much more. Game fees have increased by 50% over the past 10 years but the number of newer officials has not increased but rather continues to decrease. Besides, many school districts will not be able to afford many more pay increases...
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    UIL Executive Committee meeting. Zephyr

    I hear ya! I was just trying to present it in a nice way during the holiday season. :) I've always said that 98% of the fans in that sit and complain every game are idiots. And that's probably being generous. Certainly there are times when an official misses a call or even enforces a rule...
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    UIL Executive Committee meeting. Zephyr

    I've had the opportunity to officiate in the past but my work and then family schedule just doesn't permit the time it takes to do so effectively. What's preventing any of you "experts" on doing so and providing back to the game and the kids? I'm not being critical of anyone's reasoning (age...
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    Where Does He Now Rank?

    For clarity purposes, this question was not put out there to debate if TE was a good or great 6-man player. If anyone thinks he wasn't then they are flat out wrong. The question at hand is if Ben Crockett is actually the best ever, but obviously he's in the top 5. Thank you to those who...
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    Where Does He Now Rank?

    Great analysis and thank you for your input. Undoubtedly from an expert.
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    Where Does He Now Rank?

    This question is not intended on starting an ugly debate. I’m looking for feedback from the most knowledgeable and qualified experts out there. Those who have followed 6-man in much more depth than myself. And not completely biased opinions from someone who’s son played in the mid 90’s. Where...
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    Richland Springs vs Strawn

    I found this interesting as well. Rankin is also listed as 20 points plus to McLean. Interested to ask how 20 points is relative to a normal 11-man game spread? For example, one would typically see a #1 vs #2 on a neutral field have a spread of #1 favored by 3 to 6. Is 20 points in 6-man...
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    McLean vs Rankin

    I’m seeing reports that it will be played Saturday at Frenship - 6pm. Hope that ends up being accurate.
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    McLean vs white deer

    It is extremely disappointing and, frankly, very disrespectful to see comments derogatory about one coach vs another. Both of these gentlemen are very good coaches and have built very good programs at their respective schools. Both are also outstanding individuals. There is no need for this...
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    Avalon team to beat i

    MI, I too really would hate to see you leave. My suggestion would be for you to keep in the loop but show some humility in defeat. For what ever reasons Milford was either extremely over rated or injuries and players quitting got in the way. Nows the time to own up to the disappointment and...
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    What’s happening in Milford

    This is not an accurate statement. I followed the comments closely last year and it was very few (I emphasize very) that though the game against McLean would be over by halftime. In fact, it was close to 50/50 on who would win the game. If Milford is fully healthy I believe they can make a...
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    Dave Campbell New Prediction Observation/Question (MI?)

    Pretty sure nobody is complaining. Just mentioning an observation. What is complaining? Complaining is someone who posts a "complaint" that a game was cancelled due to snow when it actually was never cancelled nor posted that it was cancelled but that someone still went on to complain that it...
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    Dave Campbell New Prediction Observation/Question (MI?)

    Correct, Pistol. I'm not counting Milford out. If they get fully healthy (I have no idea if this will happen) they will be a force regardless who they play.
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    Dave Campbell New Prediction Observation/Question (MI?)

    Updated observation for this week's rankings: Ira doesn't play but jumps from 7 to 4. Milford gets jumped by Ira, Sterling City and Rankin by dropping from 5 to 8 and all they did was win their game by 50. Understandably White Deer drops after losing relatively big to McLean and McLean jumps...
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    Whitedeer vs McLean

    This is fake news. Don’t believe it.
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    Dave Campbell New Prediction Observation/Question (MI?)

    Just to be 100% clear, not that anyone said different, but in no way am I challenging anyone's predictions. Computer or personal opinion. I respect everyone's opinion. I think most on here spend a good amount of time studying the game to form their own educated opinion and there's nothing...