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  1. Dale Miller

    1999 Gordon vs Panther Creek (w/ radio commentary)

    Gordon v Panther Creek was must see November Friday night lights for a decade. Some truly epic contests between the two!
  2. Dale Miller

    Most PATs

    And 4/4 the prior week. I swear a couple of them creased the backside of the crossbar as the ball came dropping straight down out of the sky. Craziest thing.... Didja catch the part where he is now 15/15 the last 2 weeks? That is a valuable tool!
  3. Dale Miller

    Thanksgiving Truths in D1

    Old Man Syndrome....I've got it too....1977, Class B, D6, 8 team district with only the district champ advancing. As far as total number of schools playing 6-Man at that time, the best I can tell was less than 80. Currently 150 schools playing in the two divisions.
  4. Dale Miller


    I know what you saw.....
  5. Dale Miller

    Robert Lee, the six man San Angelo

    That was absolutely the issue with 2019 Gordon v Strawn Regional game! Had to take the game to Hico because Miserable Gulch wanted too much to keep the game in Palo Pinto county.
  6. Dale Miller

    Nobody wants to talk about it???

    Yes. Yes, we do. Especially those starting threads purposefully to trash talk and stir stuff.... Your beloved Mustangs have only recently been a winning program. The Rigdon kid pushes them over the top. Good for them. The end.
  7. Dale Miller

    2022 Playoffs - Week 14 (Thanksgiving Week) - Confirmed Info Only

    What is the deal with Throck in Springtown where both teams travel from out west? Last year it was strawn and Throck....
  8. Dale Miller

    11 Man Goal Posts

    Payoff game in Peaster will use regular goal posts,not temorary. As long as both schools agree that's ok, I think.... My real question is dimensional differences between crowded field and the great game. Are they the same size, just playing the try from the "end zone"? I've read some strategic...
  9. Dale Miller

    Cherokee Visitors

    As a bona-fide homer, I would love to hear a PA announcer refer to the opponents exclusively as "the visitors"! That would be such a great bit!
  10. Dale Miller


    This week's Gordon vs Strawn meeting had me pondering some of my favorite memories from this rivalry. In that list is Gordon alum Clyde Parham coaching Strawn in the first few years of his coaching career. Strawn is at Gordon and is driving the ball. An official makes a horrible call. Clyde...
  11. Dale Miller

    Week 3 Top Games?

    With 50 years of Gordon vs Strawn highlights to ponder, the ending of this year's game will find a place for ready recall. Late first half, Gordon leading 38 - 0 scores but misses PAT. G 44- S 0, about a minute left in the half. Strawn works the ball down the field scores with 10 seconds left in...
  12. Dale Miller

    d2 State champs game

    I'm still kind of expecting Shotwell just for capacity and tradition. I know it's a much longer haul for the Bears...maybe Saturday after Christmas?
  13. Dale Miller

    Aledo wins 9th Championship

    And nary a sniff of the dreaded "R" word towards Aledo. Very desirable location with great jobs nearby. Parents of highly skilled athletes want to move there, no inducements needed. Factor in how they have won even as they continue to climb into bigger classifications and they are truly to be...
  14. Dale Miller

    Congratulations Blum

    Gordon vs Savoy just a few years back in Springtown. The afternoon was ok, but a nasty cold front with a driving rain and a 30° temperature drop just before the game made it the most miserable experience at a game I've attended. Got to play in a heavy snowfall the last game of the regular...
  15. Dale Miller

    State Championship Game Broadcast

    Not sure about Fox "Sports" Plus, Fox "Soccer" Plus is a $10 monthly fee premium channel. I subscribe to get my Australian Football League fix......
  16. Dale Miller

    The Fire

    I remember this tragedy well but did not make the connection till seeing this post. As I reread the article I misted up and not from the usual "dust in the air". Truly a powerful reminder of how precious life is.
  17. Dale Miller


    When Milford is involved, there will be no on-topic or civil discussion..... #sadbuttrue
  18. Dale Miller

    Is Strawn overrated?

    I typically use Zero U, but I like that. A lot.
  19. Dale Miller

    Who's got the best player in the state

    Imma throw Zephyr SB/QB/RB/Receiver, #11, Williams into this conversation. Great size and speed. Very strong verticle leap. Excellent hands receiving. I think he's as good as any receiver in the state, in any classification. Really strong defensive end. As much as I like Iredell SB #1 Morgan, I...
  20. Dale Miller

    Six Man Uniforms

    I thought their uniform tonight was a great classic look.