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    Lookout… #3 is the real deal.
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    Most valuable player

    Grayson Rigdon and Cedric Ware . Undoubtedly the two best players in the state this year. Grayson is well on his way to being the best ever.
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    Thanksgiving Truths in D1

    Gordon has some young play makers…. They could shock the state this weekend.
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    Covington/Milford postgame

    Hello six man community I’m making this post to bring awareness to a situation that happened after the Milford @ Covington game last night . After the game Covington supporters (who were later identified as Cleburne ISD students) , entered Milford’s visitor side locker room with a gun . They...
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    Week 10 Top Games

    Milford @ Covington tonight for 2nd place in district.
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    Rochelle vs Richland

    Miss the days of goob , I wonder how he’s doing.
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    Rochelle vs Richland

    Surely this is a brother motivation reverse psychology thing right?
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    Blum 76 Milford 68 Final Blum go ahead TD with 3 seconds left
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    Week 8 Games of the Week

    I’m very excited to see how this plays out tonight. Obviously, I’m very optimistic about Milford’s potential but I believe our size and speed give us a chance to play with anybody . Goodluck to both teams tonight .
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    Best J-Bird Offense

    You can call it hybrid if you want…. BC ran a shotgun J vs Jonesboro , the typical middle guard and TE were both standing up in WR stances … that’s spread ( IMO). RS has always run tight? Wasn’t Tyler Ethridge a spread back ? Didn’t Walker Tippie break a state record playing spreadback in the...
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    Best J-Bird Offense

    Richland Spring 2016 Grand Falls Royalty 2014 Borden County 2017 Crowell 2014 Spread wins rings too.
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    Best J-Bird Offense

    You don’t won’t 5 titles being “a terrible x and o guy” ….
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    Best J-Bird Offense

    Garden City in “unbalanced” is extremely difficult stop. Abbott consistently runs a really good Unbalanced set . Won them a state title in 2015.
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    Best J-Bird Offense

    Milford’s spread offense from 16-18 was very good. Most of the games are on YouTube.
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    RS RANK after winning

    Only coaches know exactly how hard it is to schedule quality opponents in the pre season. Private or UIL , you still have to go out there and execute and win the game . Preseason is preseason… the real season starts when district rolls around ; When that time comes around you had better be...
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    RS RANK after winning

    Yes sir you did.
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    RS RANK after winning

    What happened?
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    Cherokee impressed tonight . Congratulations on the big time win.
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    It’s Finally Here !!!! Week 7

    Indians 30 Coyotes 24 Halftime
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    Milford 56 Three Way 0 Final