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  1. CoachSandersACS

    It's Been Quite On Here

    The real question is...how much longer does Covenant Classical stay 6 man?
  2. CoachSandersACS


    Thank you for that clarification. God Bless!
  3. CoachSandersACS


    BC seems to have a rich tradition of athletes and deep post season play. I believe this will be the 3rd HFC search in 3 years. With the obvious risk of causing online drama, would you mind sharing why? If not, I understand. However, a DM would suffice as well. Thank you in advance for your...
  4. CoachSandersACS

    Thoughts on this?

    Maybe on the surface, it's as simple as "blame the coach" or "entitled kids", but believe me when I say this, our world as we know has been in a 10 - 20 year major shift; especially in the education and coaching profession. I could go into an endless political diatribe why / what I think made...
  5. CoachSandersACS

    Open JH Games - 2023 Season

    Azle Christian is looking to fill our 2023 JH football schedule. We have all dates open. We will be a majority 6th & 7th grade team. We can host or travel. Please email csanders@azlechristianschool.org or call/text 817-550-3979, thanks!
  6. CoachSandersACS

    Games needed

  7. CoachSandersACS

    Filled 2nd Scrimmage

    Looking to host a 2nd scrimmage, but will travel within reason. csanders@azlechristianschool.org
  8. CoachSandersACS

    Filled Week 7 or 11 Game Needed

    Week 7 or 11. We can host or travel.
  9. CoachSandersACS

    Filled Week 7 or 11 Game Needed

    Looking for a Week 7 or 11 Varsity game (11/30). Call / Text 817-550-3979, thanks!
  10. CoachSandersACS

    Open Looking for JH Games

    Looking to fill JH games for Azle Christian. Our JH consist of 6th, 7th, and 8th graders. We will only have (2) 8th graders. We can host or travel within reason. Please contact AD/HFC Clayton Sanders at csanders@azlechristianschool.org or call/text (817) 550-3979 if interested, thanks!
  11. CoachSandersACS

    Mike Leach Talks 6man Football

    My brother bought me the above Cameo with Coach Leach speaking on 6 man and he crushed it. I watch / listen to it all the time as motivation. He will definitely be missed.
  12. CoachSandersACS

    Open When does the season start?

    I talked with TAPPS yesterday, and they are aligned with the UIL for a tentative July 31 start date. Things could change, but as of now, that is where I was informed both TAPPS & the UIL are.
  13. CoachSandersACS

    Girls JV Basketball Games Needed

    All Filled.
  14. CoachSandersACS

    Most PATs

    I can only help you on the flip side of this. We were 0-14 in a game this year. After this, we quit kicking entirely.
  15. CoachSandersACS

    Filled Looking for Scrimmage & Games

    Azle Christian is looking to fill: 8/17/23 or 8/18/23 - 2nd scrimmage Week 6 - 09/29/23 OR Week 7 - 10/06/23 We have 56 kids in our HS and we will field 10-12 on our Varsity football team. We graduate (3) All-State seniors starters. We will have 3 seniors, 3 juniors, 3 sophomores, and 3...
  16. CoachSandersACS

    JH and V Boys and Girls Games needed

    I just emailed you.
  17. CoachSandersACS

    JV Boys/Girls and Varsity Girls/Boys Game Needed

    I just emailed you.