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    Open Newcastle Sub Varsity games needed

    Hey coach, Gimme a shout. 817-233-7533 Jesse Erhart Nazarene Christian Academy
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    Open Nazarene Christian Looking for Games All Levels

    Nazarene Christian (South Fort Worth) is looking for the following dates. Varsity Football Week 3 or Week 5. JV Football Week 4,5,6,9,10 Junior High A Team Week 3,9 Junior High B Team Week 2,3,6,7,9 Please contact Jesse Erhart at 817-233-7533 or jerhart@fwfnca.org
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    Crowley Nazarene christian 50 Bethesda Christian 0
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    Open Vanguard Open Sept 16th

    Hey coach Nazarene christian is willing to come to you. We are young with only one senior. Give me a call 817-233-7533 Jesse erhart
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    Open Nazarene Christian Academy Need a Week 4 Varsity Game 9/16

    Had a cancellation looking for a week4 varsity game. Prefer home game 9/16 7:30pm but we will take what we can get at this point. Jesse Erhart Athletic Director Nazarene Christian Academy 817-233-7533 (cell) jerhart@fwfnca.org
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    Open Fort Worth THESA is Looking for 2022 JV Games

    Hey Coach, Nazarene Christian Academy has a young varsity looking for week 10. We will have 2 seniors. Call me at 817-233-7533 or email me at jerhart@fwfnca.org
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    Open need week 9

    Nazarene Christian Academy is looking for week 10. Call me at 817-233-7533 or email at jerhart@fwfnca.org
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    Filled Lucas Christian Needs Week 2, Week 8 or Week 9

    Nazarene Christian needs week 8. Please email Fserra@fwfnca.org
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    2022 All Star Game Video

    Sorry for the late post. Below is the link for the video from this year's All Star Game:
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    North All Star Selections

    North All Star Roster 2021 Name School Number Position Mason Peters Live Oak 3 QB Carter Creek Live Oak 4 RB/WR Eli Herman Live Oak 5 RB/WR LB Riley Black Live Oak 6 OL/DL Sebastian Schaefer Prince of Peace 16 K Connor Gocke Prince of Peace 7 QB/DB Tyler Kavanaugh...
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    Looking for Used Scoreboard

    Fantastic can I get your contact infor?
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    Looking for Used Scoreboard

    Harvest Lantana is building a new field. We are a first year school and are just now getting to build our field. If anyone is replacing their scoreboard this year and needs us to haul theirs off, let me know. Will travel anywhere in Texas. Jesse Erhart 817-233-7533
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    Harvest christian lantana 54 Founders mesquite 7
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    Harvest Christian Lantana Looking for 10/11 Varsity Game

    Harvest Christian Academy of Lantana is looking for a varsity game for this Friday 10/11. We have a home game scheduled and would prefer to stay at home. We are a young team with 1 junior and the rest sophomores and freshman. Please Contact Dustin Tarpley 469-682-9526. Thank You
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    Harvest Christian Lantana 55 Nazarene Christian 20
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    Harvest Christian Academy Lantana Needs Week 2 and Week 10

    Harvest Christian Academy of Lantana looking for Varsity game week 10 away. Contact Jesse Erhart 817-233-7533 jserhart@hcasaints.org
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    Looking for bleachers and scoreboard

    Hey guys I’m looking for used bleachers and scoreboard for a new sixman field in north Dallas. Please call me at 817-233-7534 Jesse Erhart
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    Looking for bleachers and scoreboard

    Hey guys looking for used bleachers and a scoreboard for a new sixman field in north Dallas. Please contact me at 817-233-7533. Jesse Erhart
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    Used Shoulder Pads

    Do you still have these pads? Jesse Erhart (817) 233-7533
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    All Star Game 2019 Information

    Texas Private School Sixman Football All Star Game 2019 Informational Sheet Date: December 14th Events: - Jersey Presentation 10:00am - Combine 11:00am - Kick-Off 3:00pm Location: Live Oak Classical School 400 S. 4th St. Waco, TX 76706...