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  1. smokeyjoe53

    A Long and Rambling End

    My first thought when I saw the title of this thread was, “Guru is getting a head start on April fool’s day”....... while I wish it were not true, I understand and want to thank you for putting up with the shenanigans of a few of us and your patience in dealing with some of the more onerous...
  2. smokeyjoe53

    Girls in 6 Man

    Mason, Tx (class 2A) had a girl playing defensive back. Did a good job of it.
  3. smokeyjoe53

    d2 State champs game

    No, it means someone other than FSSW will be providing video. Sansabaradio.com is doing audio stream only no video ............
  4. smokeyjoe53

    d2 State champs game

    San Saba radio.com will be providing audio only. Skeebo said that FSSW has contracted out the game...........whatever that means........
  5. smokeyjoe53

    Six Man vs Eleven Man

    It was a fun game to watch...... glad I got to witness it.........
  6. smokeyjoe53

    Mr. Biden

    If it looks like a fish and smells like a fish, it’s probably a fish........unless it happens to be Hillary, Nancy, OAC, Kamala or others of their ilk standing close by............
  7. smokeyjoe53

    d2 State champs game

    ........and to seal the deal, Ol’ Smokey matriculated there as well.......... of course the footballs were chiseled out of rock way back then............
  8. smokeyjoe53

    Watch the Six Man Championships

    I left Dish after many years. The main reason was continual negotiations with various networks. By accident I started using ATT TV. No dish required, just at least a good internet connection ( at least 8 mb down). I’ve been very pleased with this service. Also have enjoyed getting all the...
  9. smokeyjoe53

    Spanking the Rankings

    This comes up at least every year. Granger explains it much better but basically it’s all done by computer. No human input so I guess you could complain to Al Gore, the inventor of the internet. ...........
  10. smokeyjoe53

    It’s the most beautiful time of the year

    No, Tiny Tim, it’s not Christmas. I’m talking Deer Season. That wonderful season where some discover they have more friends than they realized (if you just happen to have a few hunting spots still available). Now understand I haven’t hunted deer in 50 years. Don’t like the pasture rats at all...
  11. smokeyjoe53

    Mr. Trump

    Patton may have been considered the biggest jerk but McArthur was and probably still is the biggest jerk among military generals of all time. Coming in a close second is George Marshall.
  12. smokeyjoe53

    Mr. Trump

    ......... I don't understand why the POTUS keeps going after Hunter (who is guilty as heck) instead of Joe. Does he not have any dirt on Joe ?......... Topher it appears there is plenty of dirt on Joe if you delve deeper into this. Hunter traveled with Joe on state visits. I suppose just...
  13. smokeyjoe53

    Mr. Trump

    The admiral certainly has a right to his opinion. Does his opinion influence my thinking? No more than anyone else’s. I tend to make my decisions and do not care to know how anyone else decides to vote.
  14. smokeyjoe53

    Mr. Trump

    Jordan Peterson is a clinical psychologist in Toronto who has become popular on YouTube
  15. smokeyjoe53

    Mr. Trump

    Hey Topher, what are your thoughts/impressions of your fellow Canadian Dr. Jordan Peterson?
  16. smokeyjoe53

    RS vs Fort Worth Covenant Classical

    Actually the book was entitled “Mugging Boars & Sacking Broncs”, now available on Kindle Unlimited............
  17. smokeyjoe53

    Broadcast of Richland Springs vs Rochelle

    This is the only explanation I have found. Obviously it relates directly to the San Saba game but I assume it will also relate to the Richland Springs game....... OK Dillo fans......as an explanation before the game tonight...the sansabaradio phone app (audio only) may or may not work tonight...
  18. smokeyjoe53

    Mr. Trump

    ...... and I fear we ( U.S.)are too polarized as an electorate to accomplish anything but increased gridlock..........
  19. smokeyjoe53

    Mr. Trump

    I guess the point I have been dancing around, hoping you would cut in, is this; the government will not change itself. The public will have to change the government. This is a bedrock principle of a republic.
  20. smokeyjoe53

    Mr. Trump

    Topher have you not had your Moosehead or Molson’s yet this morning? Your reply seemed a little ambiguous.......... Perhaps that of the people “Mumbo jumbo” would be an ideal that would best serve ( at least in the U.S.) all of us. We here in the States are an inherently independent bunch as...