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    Thanks from DCTF

    Hey folks — I'm Greg Tepper, the managing editor of Dave Campbell's Texas Football magazine. Wanted to stop by to thank the six-man coaches across the state: for the first time in our history, we received a questionnaire from every single Class 1A UIL football team. That means we should have the...
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    Conversations with Coaches

    Wow, this is excellent. Great stuff!
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    Fighting for Respect: Conor McGregor and Six-Man Football

    I like the overall sentiment here. I'd also draw a larger parallel. In the past decade-plus or so, I feel like both mixed martial arts and six-man football have made major strides toward becoming more "mainstream" and accepted by their respective audiences (combat sports fans and football...
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    Advice for first-timers heading to Shotwell

    A buddy has been begging me for a couple years to take him to a six-man game. So, if you see a funny-looking guy wearing a Dave Campbell's Texas Football shirt and trying to explain to his friend why they keep lateraling the ball, come up and say hi to me.
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    Dave Campbell's New List

    Leman was nice enough to send me his picks for the 10 best games of the year; it's going on the site tomorrow.
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    Dave Campbell's New List

    We did not adequately explain that this was an 11-man list. It has been edited to reflect that. Thank you for your readership.
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    Vote Harrison Nowak Mr Texas Football Player of the Week

    As far as we can tell, we eliminated the ineligible votes — more than 600,000 ineligible votes, actually — and Nowak still had enough to win.
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    Vote Harrison Nowak Mr Texas Football Player of the Week

    Poll's closed, and we're going through the votes. Do want to say, we do appreciate y'alls enthusiasm about the award. While I may not necessarily love some of the methods some of you employed, it's clear that y'all support your own, and that's what the award is designed to do. We won't forget...
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    Vote Harrison Nowak Mr Texas Football Player of the Week

    Entirely agree — legitimate votes should count, and illegitimate votes shouldn't. I think we can all agree on that. So here's what's likely to happen: we're going to close the poll at noon, as usual. Then, we'll go through and weed out (the best we can) the illegitimate votes. That may delay...
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    Vote Harrison Nowak Mr Texas Football Player of the Week

    It's a bot — someone hacked into the code and set it up to auto-vote.
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    Vote Harrison Nowak Mr Texas Football Player of the Week

    Guys, if you're going to cheat, try to be a little less conspicuous. Signed, Greg Tepper Managing Editor, Dave Campbell's Texas Football Also, the guy who is watching, in real time, 5 Harrison Nowak votes per second get registered by the same IP address
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    Schools Who Need to Turn In Info to Dave Campbell's Magazine

    Howdy. I'm Greg Tepper, managing editor of DCTF. If y'all need help with the questionnaires or have any other questions, reach out to me -- greg.tepper@texasfootball.com or 972-428-5721. Thanks much!
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    My first six-man game

    Howdy, folks. My name's Greg; I'm the associate editor of Dave Campbell's Texas Football. First of all, want to tell you guys that I've been a lurker for some time now, and have really enjoyed reading you guys' analysis of the six-man game. I've gleaned a lot of important information from you...