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    3-Man Sled and Chute Needed

    We are a new program and we are looking for a 3-Man sled and Chute for sale or donate. If you have one, and are willing to part with it please let me know. Coach JT Shehan jshehan@bcsfw.org 817-690-9616
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    Looking for lockers.

    All, I would like to find about 10-20 Box style Football lockers. If anyone is redoing their lockerroom and has the stackable box style lockers let me know. I’m willing to drive from Fort Worth to come pick up. Coach JT Shehan 817-690-9616
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    Open Looking for JV Game near DFW Metroplex for Week 7, 8 or 9. (We will travel)

    Bethesda Lions JV is looking for a JV game for Week 7, 8, or 9. We will need to travel and we are looking for something close to the DFW Metroplex. Please reach out to Coach JT Shehan 817-690-9616 (text best) or jshehan@bcsfw.org
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    Filled Bethesda Christian (Fort Worth) Game Needed Wk 4 (September 16)

    Bethesda Christian (Fort Worth) is looking for a Wk4 game. We need to travel to you. If interested please email at jshehan@bcsfw.org
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    Helmets needed!

    With the logistics nightmare facing our nation we are in need of 3 small and 4 xl helmets. If anyone has any that could be borrowed I am will to travel anywhere to get them. Please call JT Shehan at 817-690-9616
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    Open Bethesda Christian (Fort Worth) needs Week 6 game

    Bethesda Christian is in need of a Week 6 game due to a cancelation. We will need to travel to you. Please let me know if you have a game for us! Coach JT Shehan Head Football Coach 817-690-9616 Jshehan@bcsdfw.org
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    Open Prestonwood Christian Academy - North (Prosper) Needs 3 Varsity Games Weeks: 6,8,9 & 11

    Hey Coach, Bethesda Christian needs a week 6 game. We needing to travel to you this week. Are y’all still looking? Coach Shehan 817-690-9616
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    Open Texas Wind needs week 1 game

    Where are you located coach? We have an opening for Week 1 here in Fort Worth
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    Open NEEDED Week 1 (8/26) Game

    Bethesda Christian School in Fort Worth is in need of a Week 1 game to fill a vacancy on our schedule. We will need the team to travel to us. If interested please email Coach JT Shehan at jshehan@bcsdfw.org or call at 817-690-9616.
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    Open Bethesda Christian needs Wk 10 game

    Bethesda Christian (Fort Worth) is in need of a Week 10 game. If you have availability and are willing to come to us you can reach me at (817) 690-9616 & joeshehan@gmail.com
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    Open Fort Worth Bethesda Christian (New Program) looking for JV games for 2022

    Bethesda Christian is a new football program and we are looking to fill a few JV games for the 2022 season. If you have any available please reach out to Coach JT Shehan at joeshehan@gmail.com or 817-690-9616z
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    Hey Coach can we come play? We would like to come out on 6/16?