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    The Rematch Benjamin vs. Loraine DII State Championship

    Well, now the bidding war begins.
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    Angelo State QB from High Island!

    I count 3 games to the championship. Just my opinion.
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    Hmmm...guess the dead horse is alive and well

    Good grief! You people must think he's James Bond or something. Probably has super secret agent headsets inside every player's helmet and he talks in code though the spy satellites above! You people need to get a life and concern yourselves with more important matters. You got what you wanted...
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    UIL State Executive Committee to Meet (Richland Springs)

    Here's a thought. It's over. Let it go and move on to something else.
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    Recruiting.... Again... is this the norm now?

    Mr. tsford78, I see you are sort of new to this message board so let me same you some time and frustration. If you think you can carry on a mature conversation/argument with this gigemsooner person, you are wasting your breath. There is no reasoning with him/her. He/she knows everything and then...
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    I know some people think college players should be paid to play because the schools make so much money from the athletes playing the game. But they do get a free education (plus I suspect other "benefits"). And they are able to showcase their talents to prospective NFL employers in hopes of a...
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    d2 State champs game

    I know this can't happen but I was just thinking that ESPN probably doesn't have anything extremely exciting scheduled for Tuesday night. They could drop down to San Angelo and show the game LIVE and give sixman football some well deserved national attention. It will probably end up being a...
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    Texas 6

    Boy, you are one to talk. Sounded like you were describing yourself.
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    D2 game in San Angelo?

    Sounds like they must have congress working on the situation.
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    State championship predictions

    One thing about Richland Springs, They DO NOT EVER give up! They might struggle late in a game like they did against Calvert but they will not lay down. That might make the difference in this game. By the way, everyone seems to be picking Balmorhea. Didn't they all pick Strawn last week? GO...
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    Watch the Six Man Championships

    Yeah, DISH network. Ain't they a peach!!
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    What a Game!

    Oh good grief, here we go again. The sun can't rise until the Rigdons get out of bed. I'm surprised they didn't just close the school down when they left. One game where the defense gets whipped and suddenly the team becomes unable to win a game. Let's just see what happens week after week.
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    Lone Star Football

    This applies to both forms of high school football. Six man and eleven man. The lonestarfootball.net website used to be extremely informative a couple of years back but now not so much. Does anyone know if this will improve in the future? I miss it from when it was complete and up to date.
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    RS vs Fort Worth Covenant Classical

    Oh brother! Here we go again!! S.S.D.D.
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    "The Drunken Reverend"

    You know I could come on here and say all kinds of derogatory and bad things about someone like say ,"gigemsooner" but if I didn't have any proof to back up what I said, that would probably mean it's not true. So then it would most likely be a lie. Wouldn't it? Just wondering.
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    "The Drunken Reverend"

    What drive in? There's no drive in around this part of the country. I think you dream all this stuff up inside your little empty head. If illegal activities are going on, tell the sheriff. Tell the UIL. Tell CPS. Tell the county judge. Tell Adam Schiff! Tell man tell!!!! Don't hold back! Stand...
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    "The Drunken Reverend"

    Allegations. Right. Allegations. No cold hard facts that I have seen yet. Now this newest set of allegations about kids getting "hammered" at someone's house. I know nothing about that because I don't live in RS or have kids who go or went there. But if you KNOW all this B.S., why don't you just...
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    "The Drunken Reverend"

    I don't know diddley squat about what the future holds for RS football. I only saw one game last year. But I can tell you that I can recognize a fool spewing mistruths when I read one. I do know that coach Burkhart does a great deal to benefit the youth of Richland Springs outside of...
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    "The Drunken Reverend"

    Ah! This coming from the person who called the Rankin ISD superintendent a bald faced liar when he explained why his family was in Richland Springs. And you figured out who Goob is. You're a real Dick Tracy. I think the drama and the cult all begins with you.
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    Heard some rumo(RS)...

    NEWS FLASH! This just in from the Governor's office. Effective immediately, no person shall be allowed to travel 200 miles to visit a friend and stay at that friend's parents house. This rule is established at the recommendation of THE ALL KNOWING Gigemsooners! AKA. Felix the Cat.