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    First 50 point game of the year!

    The Thompson kid from Oglesby had several 50 point games and numerous 40 point games last year….
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    Waaaaay too early ‘23 state picks

    Oglesby brings back every starter off a 11-1 team.Could be a team to keep a watch on out the east especially if the kid from Calvert lands up there…
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    Who do y'all have? Oakwood vs Bluff Dale

    Oakwood has zero passing game.Depend on #7 to carry the load on offense.You shut him down and they have no other options on offense.
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    Who do y'all have? Oakwood vs Bluff Dale

    Bluff Dale by 24
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    2022 early predictions

    I agree Bluff Dale will win this game Oakwood has no passing attack.Depends on #7 to gain the yards.You shut him down you win the game.
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    Regional Observations

    Oglesby defense limited his yards in second half.No doubt he is a explosive back.Heck of of ball game that came down to final play of game .
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    Regional Observations

    Oglesby running back is just as as good. Only a sophomore
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    Regional Observations

    Oglesby missed a golden opportunity to advance to next round .QB called out of bounds after what look to to be game tying TD with 9 seconds left in ballgame on 4th down on 1 yard line.Oakwood wins 38-32
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    It’s that time of year

    Bluff Dale train will be derailed by Calvert
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    Jeb Dixon has taken a program that won a combined 3 games in 4 years and has already stacked up 29 wins in 3 years with 3 consecutive District Crowns.The community of Oglesby and Oglesby ISD is blessed to have a great leader on and off the field..
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    Oglesby Tigers

    Congratulations to Oglesby Tigers for winning the District 10 crown for the 3rd consecutive year. Jeb Dixon and his coaching staff have done nothing but great things for the Athletic program since arriving 3 years ago in Oglesby.We are blessed to have a coach with the passion and the love he...
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    Week 9 D2 Fan Poll

    Agree strength of schedule is not the strongest .This team has Calvert next week @ home and will easily win this game and the district championship for the 3rd consecutive year.This team has a great coach and are well discipline with home grown talent from this community (no transfers) and will...
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    Cherokee is well coach team with great discipline.Have great athletes and will be hard to beat in the east.Kept their composure with all the unsportsmanlike conditions being exhibited on the field for the win.Great job to players and coaches for representing your school in a sportsmanship manner ….
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    D-2 Title contenders

    Oglesby lost the thompson kid from last year team but bring back a loaded team that will be the sleeper from the east because of coaching in place…
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    That is correct.Great basketball player.Calvert cancelled their game friday night due to lack of numbers.Seen some of their players at the Oglesby game friday night.
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    Won’t happen this year. Oglesby is the team to beat in this district…
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    Jonesboro vs May

    You will have to play to beat Jonesboro. Not going to lay down.Coaching will keep them ready...
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    2021 Round 1 Playoffs Pick-Em

    Richland Springs will not cover the spread that everyone is picking by 45 Oglesby is a well coached team and has just as many athletes on the field.Will be a closer game then what is being predicted.
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    2021 Playoffs - Week 13 - Confirmed Info Only

    Oglesby vs Richland Springs November 19 7pm Comanche
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    Who in D1 and D2 will make it to the semifinals

    Jonesboro is well coached Don't over look them even in not the team of past years.