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  1. phimutau

    Six Man Receivers

    The throw at the 3:00 minute mark in the vid says all you need to know. Impressive!!!!
  2. phimutau


    I wasn't able to get the game on until a few minutes into the 3rd quarter. Did Abbott have any injuries prior to my viewing?
  3. phimutau

    Most PATs

    Our female kicker JR Kyler Dunn made 24 attempted kicks in a row to end her season. Not sure where that stands amongst the other kickers, but super impressive to me. She is 145/175 for her 3 year career so far. 83% 2020 - 48/56 - 86% 2021 - 53/71 - 75% 2022 - 44/48 - 92% Can't...
  4. phimutau

    IC vs Abbott

    IC folllowers: What positions on O and D does #3 play?
  5. phimutau

    IC vs Abbott

    Should be interesting to see how much #3 from IC changes things in 2nd half.
  6. phimutau

    Happy vs Westbrook

    Someone asked!!
  7. phimutau

    Mitchell county

    Dang it!! I edited that twice and fixed a couple I missed. Sorry about the confusion.
  8. phimutau

    Pick Em

    2021 Winner, SimplyPut, has a stronghold on the points differential record at 725. However, his 53-9 record could be in jeopardy with 6 games to go. I was on the bronze podium last year, hoping to make a run at the podium again.
  9. phimutau

    Nobody wants to talk about it???

    2019 - Blum doesn't stand a chance against McLean.
  10. phimutau

    Mitchell county

    It has never happened.
  11. phimutau

    Round 1 Playoff Predictions

    If the site can run it that would be awesome, if not, I can start working on it again. I have the template ready, just have to import the teams.
  12. phimutau

    lots of talk for fresh new mediocre record

    In our two losses, we turned the ball over 11 times and had 9 turnover on downs. This has me so flustered I don’t know what to think. If we can limit turnovers, I know this team is capable of winning and pulling away. If turnover prone Panthers show up, watch out Campbell might pull this one...
  13. phimutau

    Games that have Playoff implications

    Dist. 10 Rec Dist PF PA Rating This Weeks Opponent Pick Union Hill (7-0) (0-0) 406 108 332.18 at *Saint Jo (6-1) 18 Saint Jo (6-1) (0-0) 346 131 314.97 vs *Union Hill (7-0) -18 Savoy (4-3) (0-0) 218 203 202.19 vs *Campbell (2-5) 21 Campbell (2-5) (0-0) 194 298 181.33...
  14. phimutau

    UIL Sixman Prestige

    For those that can't get it to open, here is the top 20 of the 125 schools with 30 games or more.
  15. phimutau

    UIL Sixman Prestige

    I'm not sure how it works on different devices. I am able to get it to open by clicking on it with a dell laptop and an iPhone.
  16. phimutau

    UIL Sixman Prestige

    In a previous thread I asked about a snapshot window to look at schools based on performance. I did a little digging, compiled the data, and came up with a prestige rating for the UIL sixman community. Divisions do not matter. I took all the schools that have played a minimum of 30 games in...
  17. phimutau

    Schedule strength

    Week 1 2018 to Week 7 2022
  18. phimutau

    Best of Week 4 March ups

    You guys earned it. Y’all kicked our teeth in. I really thought this game was gonna be a fight because of how similar the Crowell game was. Good luck to y’all rest of way.
  19. phimutau

    Tyler Ethridge

    Does anyone have the career stats on any of these guys y'all are talking about? I keep up with all our stats and would love to compare them to our top back that graduated last year. I have Leman's file that has the top 5 kids in each catagory and TE had 10,861 career passing yards. He's the...
  20. phimutau

    Schedule strength

    A lot of schools have that "NAME" recognition. They have same coach, they have been good for a while, take top teams the distance, beat top ranked teams, make the playoffs consistently, win playoff games, and they rarely get 45'd. With that being said, what time frame would you snapshot a...