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  1. CoachAnderson

    8-Man - Lets Revisit This Topic Again Because...Why Not

    8 Man causes reclassification headaches when teams jump back and forth from fielding teams.
  2. CoachAnderson

    Who y’all got for all of the TAPPS state champions

    Hill Country Pasadena Bracken
  3. CoachAnderson

    2022 Playoffs - Week 12 - Confirmed Info Only

    SA Castle Hills Vs. Waco Live Oak Fri. 7:30PM Cedar Park High School
  4. CoachAnderson

    Future Changes (Suggestions Welcome) 2022-23 Edition

    Haha I should’ve been more clear. Thanks!
  5. CoachAnderson

    MS Basketball Christmas Tournament

    This may be a long shot, but Northwest Hills Christian School in San Antonio, Texas is looking for one more middle school girls and boys team for our Christmas Basketball Tournament. The dates are Dec. 8th, 9th, and 10th. The cost per team is $175. If you are interested please reach out to Coach...
  6. CoachAnderson

    Week 10 Top Games

    From private side: SMA castle hills last night was an absolutely incredible game. Castle hills was down 6 drove down and scored went up 55-54 with the one point PAT. SMA has 1 minute left, they drove 55 yards and kicked a field goal, to go up 3 with 2 seconds left. Castle Hills tries something’s...
  7. CoachAnderson

    Best J-Bird Offense

    This is so typical of spread teams, because they are many times just putting the ball in one players hands all season. Not a bad thing just not always sustainable.
  8. CoachAnderson

    Best J-Bird Offense

    In the private world Freddy and Coach Shipman have been very good at tight for a very long time.
  9. CoachAnderson

    Best J-Bird Offense

    Depends on the year.
  10. CoachAnderson

    Best J-Bird Offense

    Abbott Runs it fairly well for not having the size that others have.
  11. CoachAnderson

    TAPPS playoff predictions

    I think typically the Div. 2 team would beat the rest however I don’t think that’s always the case.
  12. CoachAnderson

    Testing the Toy

    Not that they’re bad this year, but Austin Veritas and Waco Live Oak are traditionally powerhouses and both are having a “down” year. It just seems those teams inflate everything. I could be wrong and it could be very opinionated.
  13. CoachAnderson

    Testing the Toy

    I may be wrong, but I think the private school rankings are slightly skewed this year, because many of the traditional powerhouses are down.
  14. CoachAnderson

    TAPPS playoff predictions

    D1: Austin Hill Country D2: Pasadena, Conroe, Waco, SMA. All strong teams. D3: Freddy and it ain't close. Dark Horses: Castle Hills :), Bracken, Baytown, Lubbock KPA, Ft. Worth, Coram Deo
  15. CoachAnderson

    TAPPS playoff predictions

    D1 is small because it’s the biggest schools. I think Austin Hill country is the team to beat. D2 is really interesting lots of good teams. D3 is really interesting as well, Freddy is definitely the team to look out for.
  16. CoachAnderson

    Testing the Toy

    This is all fascinating stuff, and really helps pull back the curtain on why the rankings are what they are, and how you got their.
  17. CoachAnderson


    I wish there was an easier way for you do this, definitely makes me appreciate the rankings and scores from week to week.
  18. CoachAnderson


    Founders 45 - Bell County 0 (via maxpreps)
  19. CoachAnderson


    Late to this conversation but some all time greats are being left off includimg Tim Shipmen from Freddy, Jeremy Wentrcek from Castle Hills, and Coach Rabon who was at Lifegate.