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  1. razorback5712

    Coaching Carousel 2022-2023

    Where did the Irion County coach go?
  2. razorback5712

    Open McDade Open Dates 2023

    I have them all filled now.
  3. razorback5712

    O'Brien Veer

    I requested access as well. Thanks!
  4. razorback5712

    Coaching Carousel 2022-2023

    Is the Bryson job closed? I don't see anything on their website.
  5. razorback5712

    SA The Atonement Crusaders

    Coach, Would you have an opening for Week 3 at your place for next football season?
  6. razorback5712

    Filled Menard 2023 Open Dates

    I sent you an email Coach.
  7. razorback5712

    Open McDade Open Dates 2023

    McDade has open dates for Weeks 1 and 3. These can be away games within reason.
  8. razorback5712

    Open Cristo Rey Jesuit games needed

    Coach, I have Weeks 1 and 3 open but we are 140 miles away.
  9. razorback5712

    Open River City Believers Academy Scrimmages/Games Needed

    Coach Stredic, McDade has some openings. My email is wayne.carter@mcdadeisd.net. We will be young as well.
  10. razorback5712

    Open Bell county angels games needed

    I think I sent you an email about Week 2 but Week 6 works! Just let me know via email.
  11. razorback5712

    Division 1 District Predictions

    Well McDade was picked 5th in District 16. We will in all probability finish 3rd behind Medina and Leakey. Proud of my guys.
  12. razorback5712

    District standings

    Division I District 16 Medina (8-0) (2-0) McDade (4-4) (2-0) Leakey (2-5) (0-1) Nueces Canyon (1-6) (0-1) Prairie Lea (1-6) (0-2)
  13. razorback5712

    Week 9 Games of the Week

    McDade at Leakey has playoff implications.
  14. razorback5712

    Best J-Bird Offense

    It is JBird to me.
  15. razorback5712

    Best J-Bird Offense

    I'm a first year 6 man coach and I have really watched Garden City, Balmorhea and Blum from 2018 on. I have gotten some really good stuff!
  16. razorback5712


    Bastrop Tribe 60 McDade 8
  17. razorback5712

    Filled Holy Trinity CHS (Temple, TX)- Week 5 - 9/23

    Coach Dorman, I called and left you a message at school and sent you an email. McDade had a cancellation as well.
  18. razorback5712

    Prayers for CC Wings

    Very sorry to hear that. Prayers from McDade.
  19. razorback5712

    Ways to Contact Mike

    Sorry. That's just what Faith Academy had told me.