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  1. Oilman33


    1992 on Bynum and not a 100% I know they go off points in this district. I know if Abbott beats Aquilla and Covington beats Gholson then I believe it's a 3 way tie. But I think the way the points work Abbott would have to win by more than 24 points
  2. Oilman33


    I'd have to add Milford and Avalon to that list. And although it's not a prime time top ten game the Aquilla and Abbott this week could be added as far as rivalry games go. As well as the Bynum and Mt. Calm game Bynum could not only make the playoffs for first time in along time but have the...
  3. Oilman33

    Congrats to Mount Calm

    Yes sir couldn't agree more. Coach Hinkson is a great coach and a great mentor for those boys.
  4. Oilman33

    What are some of the best district rivalries and traditions?

    Aquilla and Abbott for sure should be on the list. 13 miles from school to school
  5. Oilman33

    Let the games begin

    As district play fires up it looks as if everyone will be looking to knock Blum out of the captain's seat. If Blum takes first? Could it be Gholson in 2nd? Is everyone counting Aquilla and Abbott out of the race? Could Covington be the dark horse to win the district? Who knows guess we will have...
  6. Oilman33

    Oakwood vs union hill

    Ok I wasnt sure I knew they went in 1990 and wasnt sure if they went again I knew they didnt will my brother or my son n law played for them
  7. Oilman33

    Oakwood vs union hill

    How about Coolidge beating Calvert or Bynum beating Iredell is this the year Bynum ends their drought and gets to the playoffs I believe 1990 was there last playoff game
  8. Oilman33

    I done keep hearin’ sumthin

    If there is blood in the water than it has to be the bleeding hemorrhoids or that time of the month one of the 2
  9. Oilman33

    I done keep hearin’ sumthin

    The sound of a big girl walking into a buffet?
  10. Oilman33

    Preseason schedule

    Definitely good to see where you stand with the heavy hitters and being able to see what needs to be improved on before entering district in my opinion (which doesn't account for alot) . Aquilla opens with Aspermont, Oakwood, Richland springs, Union Hill, Wylie prep and Jonesboro and then first...
  11. Oilman33

    Preseason schedule

    Who has the most challenging preseason schedule
  12. Oilman33

    Mclean vs Milford

    Milford 64 Mclean 60
  13. Oilman33

    PLAYOFF FINAL SCORES ONLY -- Nov 22-24 2018

    Milford 56 Aquilla 18 Final
  14. Oilman33

    Happy Thanksgiving!

    Happy Thanksgiving from Aquilla
  15. Oilman33

    1st rounds games

    What games are people thinking could be possible upsets or a lot closer than the spreads are saying im thinking the Union Hill and Coolidge game will be a good one i think Union Hill has a slight edge but could go either way
  16. Oilman33

    2018 Division 1 District Scenarios

    Im sure im wrong on this but ill give it a shot Aquilla is +24 from beating Gholson Gholson is 0 - +24 for Abbott win and -24 for Aquilla loss Abbott is -24 for Gholson loss So i believe Abbott would have to beat Aquilla by 24 and Gholson would have lose for Abbott to be in playoffs but im...
  17. Oilman33

    VARSITY FINAL SCORES ONLY -- week 10 -- 2018

    Aquilla 61 Gholson 12 8:32 left in 3rd quarter Final
  18. Oilman33

    District 10 Champs?

    Ill say this that in this case punishment does not fit the crime i firmly believe in punishing kids when they have done wrong and anyone that knows me knows that with that being said this young man did not do anything that a normal teenage boy did or would have done i will not go in to details...
  19. Oilman33

    District 10 Champs?

    Maybe your right well know in 3 weeks
  20. Oilman33

    District 10 Champs?

    One thing is for sure in 3weeks everything will be settled and on to the playoffs whom ever makes its out of the district should win first round 2nd round will for sure get tougher on both sides of the bracket