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    Powerlifting meets

    In between Cisco and Albany
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    Need meet on April 7

    Moran is looking for a H.S. meet for April 7th.
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    Powerlifting meets

    Moran is starting powerlifting back up and is looking for a couple of meets to go to. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
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    Alternatives to HUDL

    Vidswap is good and a lot cheaper
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    Moran girls need game

    Had a late cancellation and in need of a game. Was scheduled to play Loraine in Loraine on Saturday. Will travel within reason, just need a game. If this fits a need, email me (jhughes@moran.esc14.net) or text me (325-800-0631). Thanks in advance Coach Hughes
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    ghost division

    I went to school in Venus, they moved to 11 man my freshman year (1987). Went back after finishing up college and they were on the verge of moving to 3A in 1997. They are now a 4A school
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    Moran looking for Mar. 24/25 HS meet

    If anyone is hosting a meet on one of these days, please reach out to Coach Hughes (jhughes@moran.esc14.net). Will travel within reason
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    Moran Basketball Tournament Dec. 1 - 3

    We need one boys team to fill out our schedule. 3 games guaranteed, meal deals for your team and hospitality room for coaches. If this fits your needs, contact Coach Hughes (jhughes@moran.esc14.net; 325-800-0631)
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    VidSwap Issues?

    Using that pixolot camera system (NFHS), they break it down for me. I just download the film and send it in a zip folder to coaches.
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    VidSwap Issues?

    I still use the outdoor football part of it and haven't had any problems.
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    Moran looking for boys and girls tournament team

    Had a team drop out due to scheduling conflict, we are looking for a boys and girls team to replace with. Tournament is Dec. 1-3, if interested contact Coach Hughes (jhughes@moran.esc14.net)
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    Rising Star 6 on 6

    Put Moran down for it
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    Team Logos

    Moran Bulldogs
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    Moran open dates for 22-23

    Need a team (boys and girls) for our Tournament on Dec. 1-3, 2022
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    Moran open dates for 22-23

    Nov. 12 is filled, need Jan. 6 boys game now
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    Moran open dates for 22-23

    Just need Nov. 12 and Jan 6 now
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    Moran open dates for 22-23

    Also need a Jan. 6 (boys only)
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    Moran open dates for 22-23

    Just need Nov. 29 now, possibly a Nov. 12 (girls only) also
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    Moran open dates for 22-23

    Looking to fill these two dates for the upcoming season: Nov. 18 and 29. Either home or away. Contact either Coach Hughes (jhughes@moran.esc14.net) or Coach Hise (mhise@moran.esc14.net) if these dates will work for you.
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    Moran open dates

    Everything is filled