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    Wesley Rigdon is the current head coach at Mt. Calm, he is their oldest brother. Jaime Rigdon (the dad) was never “suppose to coach mt. calm”
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    Gholson Needs Volleyball Game 8/27

    Gholson needs a volleyball game on 8/27. Please email j.shipp@gholsonisd.net or text 254-592-5774
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    Gholson Needs Bball Games 12/10

    Gholson is looking for girls/boys basketball games on 12/10. Please email j.shipp@gholsonisd.net or text 254-592-5774
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    Weight Equipment for Sale

    Could I please get a pic of the leg press machines? 254-592-5774
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    Gholson Open Dates

    Gholson is looking for Boys/Girls basketball games on 12/3 and 12/7. We are located 15 miles North of Waco. j.shipp@gholsonisd.net or text 254-592-5774. Coach Shipp Athletic Director Gholson ISD
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    11 man to sixman in 2021 season

    I think Ranger is making the move, gonna be the only sixman town with a college.
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    Gholson Head Volleyball Position

    Gholson is looking for a head volleyball coach, teaching field is flexible. Email resume and completed professional application to heather.mccartney@gholsonisd.net. Professional application available at: https://www.gholsonisd.org/employment-opportunities Jarratt Shipp Athletic Director...
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    Gholson Head Volleyball Position

    Gholson ISD is seeking a Head Volleyball/Girl’s Basketball coach. Teaching field is flexible. Gholson is located 10 miles north of Waco. Please send your résumé to athletic director Jarratt Shipp at j.shipp@gholsonisd.net
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    Coaching Carousel 2020

    Gholson is looking for a boy's basketball coach
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    Looking for Week 5 game

    Gholson needs a week 5 game. We will have a total of 9 players next year, very young... Coach Shipp 254-592-5774 j.shipp@gholsonisd.net
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    Looking for Track Meets in Central Texas

    Gholson is looking for JH and HS track meets. If you know of anyone that is hosting please let me know. Thanks, Coach Shipp 254-592-5774
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    Gholson Looking for 2nd Scrimmage

    Scrimmage has been filled. Thanks
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    Snap Shot #'s ???

    Gholson - 73
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    Gholson Looking for 2nd Scrimmage

    We have filled our 2020 football schedule but we're still looking for a second scrimmage to join. Please contact me at 254-592-5774 or j.shipp@gholsonisd.net Thanks, Coach Shipp
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    Can we finally admit....

    Another flaw with the 2 division split is the fact that UIL counts total high school students instead of just male students. For example: School A has 50 kids in high school, 35 of which are male. School B has 75 kids in high school, 25 of which are male. School A gets to play division 2 and...
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    Gholson 70 Buckholts 21 The fox sports score was incorrect.