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    Jonesboro & Irion County

    Two unsportsmanlike conduct penalties
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    Jonesboro & Irion County

    My nephew is now running back for Mertzon
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    District standings

    DISTRICT 1 Groom (3-5) (2-0) Hedley (3-4) (1-0) Silverton (5-3) (1-1) Darrouzett (1-5) (0-1) Lefors (0-7) (0-2) DISTRICT 2 Whitharral (7-1) (2-0)...
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    Paducah 41 Hedley 20
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    Westbrook vs Happy 2022

    Who won
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    Numbers Thread

    Hedley 13
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    Open Head Boys or Girls Basketball

    Hedley ISD is looking for a head girls or boys basketball coach/teacher. The teaching field is history. This assignment will include assistant football and a spring sport TBD. If you are interested please email your resume to Garrett Bains garrett.bains@hedleyisd.net or to Todd Lawdermilk at...
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    COACHES: Please enter your DCTF information

    I never received there packet or info to do this until now
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    Game needed Friday Nov. 19

    Due to cancellation, Brookesmith boys need a game Friday Nov. 19. Contact Coach Lawdermilk Todd.lawdermilk@brookesmithisd.net
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    Brookesmith needs game on Nov. 30

    We are looking for a varsity boys and girls game on Nov. 30th. Contact Coach Lawdermilk 254-243-0266 or todd.lawdermilk@brookesmithisd.net or Coach Moody at chris.moody@brookesmithisd.net
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    Brookesmith looking for both scrimmages for next year

    Contact Coach Lawdermilk: todd.lawdermilk@brookesmithisd.net
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    Brookesmith needs JV/Varsity games for Week 10

    Contact Coach Lawdermilk at 254-243-0266 or todd.lawdermilk@brookesmithisd.net
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    Garden City JV - Oct. 28

    You still looking? I am now in need of a game. Coach Lawdermilk 254-243-0266
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    Brookesmith Boys and Girls 11/30

    Brookesmith is looking for boys and girls varsity games on Nov. 30. Contact Coach Lawdermilk 254-243-0266 or todd.lawdermilk@brookesmithisd.net
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    Veribest 2-0 Brookesmith varsity forfeit Veribest 41-12 over Brookesmith JV