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    UIL State games Broadcast

    i have the channel, but do not get the game either...having the same problem as above.
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    Who could or should add football

    Pdevitt13 said: Who is the biggest non-football playing 1A school? Brookland: 103 Slocum 102 Yantis 102
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    UIL Conference Cutoff Numbers and Preliminary Enrollment Figures for 2022-2024 Reclassification & Realignment

    @CHSWildcats I like that map. That would be good for everyone. We will see what the UIL does.
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    UIL Conference Cutoff Numbers and Preliminary Enrollment Figures for 2022-2024 Reclassification & Realignment

    those are districts, but i didn't add those two. This was done a long time ago...lol
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    UIL Conference Cutoff Numbers and Preliminary Enrollment Figures for 2022-2024 Reclassification & Realignment

    District 1 District 2 District 3 District 4 Darouzette Hart Anton Dawson Lefors Silverton Cotton Center Klondike Groom Lazbuddie Whitharral Loop Hedley Amherst Wilson Sands Southland District 5 District 6...
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    Possible realignment movement

    Preliminary Enrollment Numbers https://www.uiltexas.org/files/alignments/Enrollment_10_29_post.pdf
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    Toughest Region

    I'm gonna go out on a limb here (and be very sarcastic) but I believe the toughest region will be the one that the state champion comes from...jest sayin'
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    Sterling City going 11man...

    @Football Fan21 8-man is no longer played in Texas. It was canceled around the 1972 range. Not sure on the date, but somewhere around that time.
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    1st vs 4th

    And said we didn't deserve to be in the playoffs on another thread. Watered down playoffs in 11-man. Keep our 1A the same, let's not change it.
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    1st vs 4th

    @pistol It's not about the runner-up. It's about teams making the playoffs but not winning a district ballgame. This is what is happening in the larger school divisions. This "everyone gets a trophy" concept is out of control. @Jones26 is correct, it's all about the money, and the UIL will...
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    1st vs 4th

    5A DIV I & II 27-5 1ST 45.28 4TH 18.25
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    1st vs 4th

    4A DIV I 7 II 27-5 1ST 43.69 4TH 15.22
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    1st vs 4th

    3A DIV I 7 II 29-3 1ST 50.84 4TH 15.33
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    1st vs 4th

    I am betting, as the divisions get larger, the balance between the two gets closer. More athletes to choose from means a lot. Maybe someone will do the other schools...3A - 5A
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    1st vs 4th

    I took a little time to look at the 1st place versus 4th place in 2A Divisions 1 & 2. Average score 1st 50.47 4th 10.69 1st place won 29 games 4th place won 3 games Again, this is an issue for me. 4th place teams do not deserve to be in the playoffs.
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    Veteran's Day

    I just want to say thank you for all of your sacrifices so that we can live in this great country. I know many of you out there on this site are veterans. You guys have blessed all of us in some way. Again, Thank you for all of the sacrifices and time serving this great nation.
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    Interesting thoughts

    This is exactly what I a saying. It's not a problem with our division, it's a problem with the upper divisions. I believe we do it right, I truly do. I'm all for kids having success, but I am not for kids being given "success". Everything in life worth having is worth working for. If i do not...
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    Interesting thoughts

    @SlaughterHouse6 you are correct, no way we could ever make everyone happy. But again, a 3-7 six-man team at least won some district ballgames, unlike the 11 man teams who got 4th out of 4 in their district. Pampa went 6-4 on the year, 0-3 in district play. I know other 11 man teams did as...
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    Snapshot #

    Typically, the cutoff has been 104.9 This was from the last realignment: 1A 104.9 and below 1A Division I 59.5 – 104.9 77 schools 1A Division II 59.4 and below 76 schools