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  1. Old Bearkat

    electric grid

    That is another physical impossibility. How are you going to charge the batteries in your electric fire trap if the grid cannot support it. Remember, there are losses of at least 1% at every step, more likely 3%, in getting the electricity to your house, charging your car, then selling the...
  2. Old Bearkat

    Globull Warming, er, Cooling, er, Climate Change!!!

    The biggest problem is that none of those morons with money are stupid enough to make a bet with me on this topic and the ones who are willing to make the bet have no money........
  3. Old Bearkat

    Need 1973 & 1981 All-State Teams

    I know they did one in 1973. I can also tell you no one from GC was on it. The QB from Sterling City was picked is the only one I remember. Sterling City and Borden County dominated. There was Woody Lyons from Smyer who was picked (that guy could jump too! State champ high jumper).
  4. Old Bearkat

    8-Man - Lets Revisit This Topic Again Because...Why Not

    The same thing happened to Garden City their first 2-3 years back in 6 man. They had enough kids out to make a varsity squad and 2 JV squads. Their last year in 11 man they barely had enough for a 11 man varsity squad.
  5. Old Bearkat

    8-Man - Lets Revisit This Topic Again Because...Why Not

    A few other private schools, but no government schools. Yes it was Oak Trail Shores in Granbury. I went to a couple of games they played back in the mid 1980's.
  6. Old Bearkat

    8-Man - Lets Revisit This Topic Again Because...Why Not

    8 man can either be a speed game like 6 man or a power game more like 11 man depending on which size field you play on. If you play on a 40X80 field, it is more of a power game. If you play on a 50X100 field, speed becomes more dominant. I think the Oklahoma 8 man teams play on a 50X100 field.
  7. Old Bearkat

    8-Man - Lets Revisit This Topic Again Because...Why Not

    OK, I'll finally bite on this one. Everyone knows I like 8 man since I played it when I was in high school at GC. Travel will be a bear for the ones who go. let's suppose the UIL decides below 75 is 6 man, 75 to 110 8 man and above 110 11 man. Based on the latest enrollment figures, here's the...
  8. Old Bearkat

    Division 1 District Predictions

    Garden City and Rankin play tomorrow to determine the district champ and runner-up.
  9. Old Bearkat

    ghost division

    Add Tolar, Santo, Rio Vista, Milano, and Jarrell
  10. Old Bearkat

    ghost division

    In that same general area, you can add Vera, Girard, Megargel, Odell, Olden,
  11. Old Bearkat

    ghost division

    Lone Star football has a good list and there is one on the 6 man history thread. BTW.... it's Goree and O'Brien /grammar nazi
  12. Old Bearkat

    Nicest 6-Man Grass Fields

    Maple Three Way was the worst I ever played on. That was back in 1972.
  13. Old Bearkat

    Nicest 6-Man Grass Fields

    Who has the field with the most grass burrs and goat heads?
  14. Old Bearkat

    We Are All Fans And I Am No Different (Blackwell v Bronte)

    When did you move back to Blackwell from the DC Swamp?
  15. Old Bearkat

    Rochelle vs Richland

    With a full stick of dynamite or just a half stick?
  16. Old Bearkat

    It’s Finally Here !!!! Week 7

    That guy is one goofy Korean.........
  17. Old Bearkat


    Garden City 70 Grady 20
  18. Old Bearkat

    Who could or should add football

    Garden City had one paralyzed in 1969 during a game with Wellman.
  19. Old Bearkat

    Who could or should add football

    I guess you guys are just too close to the metromess......
  20. Old Bearkat

    Who could or should add football

    So , St. Jo may go back to 11 man soon?