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    8-Man - Lets Revisit This Topic Again Because...Why Not

    I may have said this before, but my folks owned a motel in Leakey in the 70's and early 80's. And though we didn't live there we would drive down to watch them play. Watched them beat Follett in 75 for the last 8-man championship. Ironically my wife is from Shattuck Oklahoma where they are an...
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    WEEK 12 SCORES - VARSITY FINALS ONLY (Playoffs Round 1)

    I believe it's East Texas Homeschool
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    WEEK 12 SCORES - VARSITY FINALS ONLY (Playoffs Round 1)

    I believe it's East Texas Home School
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    Arlington St. Paul’s 56 Granbury Cornerstone 6
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    Wylie Prep 60 Granbury Cornerstone 0
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    Grayson County 67 Granbury Cornerstone 19
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    marfa, alpine, ft. davis area

    Marfa: Hotel Saint George, Great little restaurant. Alpine: Harry's Tinaja or Century Bar & Grill
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    Bastrop Tribe 70 Johnson County 38
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    (blank) not fielding a team

    NCTA (Happy Hill for us "old timers") from what I parent told me, has a bunch basketball kids from Eurasia and Slavic countries and are trying to go the elite prep basketball route. Sort of like Oak Hill Academy or Montverde Academy. I think it's one of the reasons they left TAPPS, kinda like...
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    One or Two

    I'd like to see 16 Districts were you could have 7 or 8 teams making it easier for scheduling. Then take the top 4 for the playoffs with the 2 largest schools by enrollment in Div 1 playoffs and the next 2 in Div 2 playoffs. If I'm not mistaken the 11 man playoffs used to do this.
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    Freddy vs Cedar Park

    Fri 6 pm SA Brooks
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    Richland Springs vs Calvert

    Saw Calvert play Garden City in Hico a fews back during Garden City’s run. Calvert actually should have won that game but couldn’t make the extra points. I’ve seen them several times and kicking seems to be their weak point.
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    Examples of Teams that use the Veer

    Arlington St. Paul ran some stuff out of it in 16 and 17. Didn't play them this year so I don't know about 18.
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    VARSITY FINAL SCORES ONLY -- week 7 -- 2018

    Waco Methodist Vs Granbury Cornerstone canceled. Got a text from Cornerstone's AD cancelling their season due to injuries.
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    VARSITY FINAL SCORES ONLY -- week 3 -- 2018

    Decatur Victory 40 Granbury Cornerstone 31
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    VARSITY FINAL SCORES ONLY -- week 3 -- 2018

    Azle Christian 68 Wichita Christian 18
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    VARSITY FINAL SCORES ONLY -- week 1 -- 2018

    Granbury Cornerstone 54 Arlington St. Paul 14
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    Early top 15

    The only ranking that matters is on Dec 19th
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    The State game was in Glen Rose, which was the farthest east the championship game had been played if I remember correctly. I lived in Granbury at the time and had never seen a 6 man game. Your right Jackson was a man amongst boys that day.
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    SCORES - PLAYOFF WEEK 2 - Nov 23-25

    Ausin NYOS 80 West Texas Home School 32