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    Oakwood vs Richland Springs

    FCSA, my wife was in the stands last night for this game...Yes, there was one fan that made two disparaging remarks, but it was policed by other members of the crowd who very vocally told her point blank to shut up. I know the Oskwood crowd can be rowdy, but with the exception of this one...
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    I see Oakwood and Strawn in DII east semifinals.
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    Mertzon going sixman

    My hometown going back to sixman...
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    Six Man Uniforms

    Oakwood has some nice uniforms.
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    Any Class of 2018 6M players with official college commits?

    Ethan Edgemon from Oakwood is going to Midland University in Nebraska to run track..
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    Varsity games Needed

    Where are you?
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    Lorenzo Basketball Coach

    To the GIRLS side.....!
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    On the move

    What people dont understand is for coaches there are two types of contracts; one where the teaching is combined with coaching and one where they are separate. This means, with one type, if a coach is reassigned from coaching they can stay at the school in a teaching capacity only. The other is...
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    On the move

    Tell me about it. Just another joe nobody who can be a big bad a$$ behind the computer screen and say things about situations he knows nothing about all to try and make his pathetic little life mean something. He thinks he is getting a rise out of me, which I find both hilarious and pathetic. To...
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    On the move

    You are still quite comical.
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    On the move

    Because you know everythig I do......that is highly unlikely.. .
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    On the move

    Guys, it really doesnt matter. It just gives this idiot more fire power to spew his ignorance and more reasons to degrade and criticise what he obviously does not understand. He is quite comical when he posts though. Sitting behind a computer screen makes everyone big, tough know it alls. See, I...
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    On the move

    What a great way to think you know it all because you read a post on a discussion board and think its word for word truth!!!
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    On the move

    All speculation...
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    On the move

    Maybe, maybe not.
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    On the move

    Dont think that is correct. I know two people interviewing for that position on May 16 and 17...unless those will be just token interviews.
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    On the move

    I know one for sure was because he was told by the new supt that he was not coming back.. The coach had absolutely no intention of leaving.
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    On the move

    I believe poisonous new admin are causing many to run for the hills.
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    Emery Kickoff Classic, Week 5 Openings

    I need week 5, but is there anyway you could come here first year. I would have four straight out of town games if I travel.