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    2022 early predictions

    I picked Westbrook in Division 1, and Benjamin in Division 2 from the beginning of the year, still behind both teams, just wish they would have played each other
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    I done keep hearin’ sumthin

    I here about Blanket and Wheeler, but they failed to impress anyone against May, they are out of shape, by the end of the third they were bent over sucking wind, and cramping, this is week four and they should be able to go a whole game. They had way to many mistakes to be this far in to the...
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    Waco Methodist 44 Gordon 41
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    45 or not

    Do you 45 a team, and not play your younger kids so you stay high up in rankings, or play your youger kids when you get a sizable lead? I know of coaches who hate to 45 a team if they have younger players standing on the sideline. I also know coaches that will 45 a team and never play the...
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    Richland Springs AD/PE Teacher??

    Looks like an opening for Burkhart to step back in
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    Mullin ISD AD/HC Opening

    I heard it was Williamson from Zephyr
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    Coaching Carousel

    I heard that Phillips was offered the Zephyr job
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    Three Weeks

    Strawn by 10 Stephenville Faith by 35 Milford by 45 Ft Worth Thesa by 25
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    Rookie Tackle Football

    Where are you located, there are a few youth 6-man leagues out there already.
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    Blanket 101 Loraine 99
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    district 10 pre-district

    I heard the May and Zephyr game was moved to Saturday.
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    Sixman Youth Football Playoffs

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    Water Valley vs. May

    May by 13
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    Anyone have place to buy barbells, etc.

    Make sure they will fit in the door, if not I know your not against cutting them in half and welding them back together inside.
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    I know people from Panther Creek, you can not tell me they did not have at least 6-8 players that could play when they cancelled their game with Blanket.
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    Panther Creek also cancelled with Blanket in week 0, Mitch would have never cancelled unless he had no kids.
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    zero week spreads

    Blanket will not be playing Panther Creek, Panther Creek is playing a jv schedule. Not sure if Blanket found another game or not.
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    Biggest upset of the year???

    I don't think its a Blanket football player, Blankets coach don't put up with them trash talking. Might be one of the loooosers who didn't play this year.
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    New district.

    1. May/Zephyr 2. May/Zephyr 3. Lometa/Rochelle/Santa Anna 4. Lometa/Rochelle/Santa Anna 5. Lometa/Rochelle/Santa Anna
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    Division II Bracket Contest

    Amherst Motley County Sterling City Grandfalls Bryson Milford Richland Springs Calvert