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  1. longhornfan1970

    playoff brackets

    Im looking for a site for playoff brackets for D1 and D2. Could someone help me out ?
  2. longhornfan1970

    Wishing an old friend and teammate GL

    I graduated from Throckmorton back in 1989. We played 11 man back in those days. I grew up in Wuchita Falls and didnt play football there, i figured i was to small to make it on a 5a team. We moved to Throck in 88' and thought what the heck, i will try to play my last year in high school. I did...
  3. longhornfan1970

    How bout them Horns !!!

    The horns are playing like a Big 12 title could be possible this year !!
  4. longhornfan1970

    Conrats neighbors

    I would like to congratulate the Munday Moguls and the Stamford Bulldogs on winning state championships in their respected divisions !!! Been a great year for football in our area !!!
  5. longhornfan1970

    Proud to be a part of this community !!!!!

    Our coaches and players are #1 off the field also !!!!
  6. longhornfan1970

    Final Rankings

    The final Rankings im showing on here do not show any changes from last week (record or power #) Is anyone else showing the same ?
  7. longhornfan1970

    Div 1 running backs

    Would like to hear everyones opinion on Abbott's Tyler Russell.... How does he stack up to Michum from Rankin and Buchanan from Valley???
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  9. longhornfan1970

    Snyder's Tiger Stadium

    Just wanted to give thanks to the Supe and ground crew at Snyder stadium. They where extremely helpful and friendly Saturday night at the Rankin/Throck game. In the future if Snyder is in anyones vicinity for playoff games I definitely recommend this facility !!! It is top notch !!!
  10. longhornfan1970

    A classy program

    Wanted to congratulate Water Valley on a great season !! There is no shame in a loss, especially this late in the season, you made it farther than 95% of the teams !! Your young men, coaches and fans all showed excellent sportsmanship, the basis of a great sports program !!!
  11. longhornfan1970

    Way to represent 6 man Greyhounds !!!

    I want to congratulate my Throckmorton Greyhounds on showing the football world that 6 man teams can be just as physical and talented as 11 man teams. You boys played with heart and passion against a team twice your size and came out winners !!! Enjoy this win for now then back to business on...