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    Mitchell county

    My fault I was going off the image that was posted by phimatau that said it was in Glasscock.
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    Mitchell county

    Garden City and Sterling City 2010
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    Thanksgiving Truths in D1

    Mike, Thank you for deciding the State Champions. Thank you, The Sixman Community.
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    Best team to never win state?

    I have a few on this one. 2004 Paducah- First year in Sixman and lost their second game by 15 to Throck who lost to Richland by 8 in the Semis. Scored the game winning TD on Valley in the Second Round but blocked in the back out of nowhere to cost the game. Valley lost state to Richland Springs...
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    lots of talk for fresh new mediocre record

    Saint Jo- Best Win #68 Crowell by 22 Worst Loss- #19 Union Hill by 45 Campbell- Best Win- #190 Savoy by 49 Worst Loss-#156 Rockwall Heritage by 16 or #136 Avalon by 50 If I had to take a guess, I'd Say Saint Jo by 45. Campbell is pretty comparable to Gold-Berg and Bynum who Saint Jo beat by...
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    Uh Oh! RS in trouble... UIL Violations

    This is straight from UIL. So if she is full time there is no violation. All high school coaches must be full-time employees of the school district. EXCEPTION: A retired teacher/administrator who has 20 or more years of experience may serve as an assistant coach in all athletics and as a...
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    Uh Oh! RS in trouble... UIL Violations

    Rigdon was at Samnorwood before moving up in other states. About all the coaches having kids. He was the only coach on our staff with kids of playing age. I can't speak for the JB era. However, I can say that there were a lot of administration problems(Superintendent), but recruiting was not an...
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    Recruiting Students for Athletics in High School

    MA I do believe i took it out of context. I would say some schools. However, I feel a lot of schools get both and are accused of recruiting. If I have a gold mine of a coach who knows the game and has stud kids I would be stupid not to hire him. Not directed at you, but I can say that when the...
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    UIL State Exec Committee to Meet on Rankin

    Tebow I'm sorry to hit you on this one, but Federal Government laws do not apply to Leagues and organizations. When a student athlete decides to play football at a high school they have a series of membership levels that they are under. First the school they are currently playing for decides...
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    Recruiting Students for Athletics in High School

    So let me clear that up real quick. The only kids on that team whose parents were hired any time recently are Rigdon and Chandler. So who are all these kids that you are talking about? Not Bryant. Not Appleton. Not Shannon. Landon Burkhart has been in RS for all but 1 year of his HS school...
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    Recruiting Students for Athletics in High School

    Okay so I simply do not understand this. How is it recruiting to hire a coach? Talking about the two kids from Turkey, their mom is the girls Basketball coach. I can tell you that I have both coached in the same district as her as well as being the coach who she replaced at Richland Springs. She...
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    What's the return of Burkhart 'worth' RS?

    Id love to hear what the accusations are against Richland. From my experience there, everything was on the up and up. My question on the coach recruiting thing. Is a school just supposed to not hire a coach because they have a kid that could be a good athlete? Is a parent supposed to not coach...
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    Roby Thinking About 6-man in the Future

    I agree. I believe the thinking is that the other team may be able to pick up another team during district play but I'm not sure. That is simply what was in the article I saw.
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    Roby Thinking About 6-man in the Future

    Roby didn't cancel the season. They will be playing, however will not participate in district. They are expecting 14-16 boys to come out this year. From what I've heard, the plan is to play the JV of all district opponents so that the district teams aren't shorted a game if Roby lost kids to...
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    Season went poorly... need some input on unbalanced I

    I run a good amount of Unbalanced I if you have questions. You can text or Email me. Travis Jones Patton Springs ISD Head Football/Head Basketball (806)346-2322
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    Garden City goes down

    My experience with the Garden City/St. Lawrence community has always been positive. Whether it has been Sports, BPA, Ag, or any other activity, they have always seemed to act with class. I'm sure you are sore about something, but don't come on here and bash on teenagers who have worked really hard.
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    Patton Springs Needs 2018 Basketball Dates

    the 11th is now filled
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    Patton Springs Needs 2018 Basketball Dates

    Nov 27th Filled.
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    Patton Springs Needs 2018 Basketball Dates

    Patton Springs is looking for a Girls/Guys game on Dec. 7. If you are looking for a game please give us a call. Travis Jones Head Boys Coach (806)346-2322
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    D1 vs D2 someone make it happen

    As was earlier mentioned, one of the big reasons this will never work is because of the Texas Cup. Teams got real tired of winning a State Championship and then losing their last game of the season. I remember in 2004, our team lost to a dominate Lipan team who was one of the best 1A teams I've...